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    Hi DTR. I am thinking on building a locator beacon for underwater use. I saw you had some nice...

    Hi DTR. I am thinking on building a locator beacon for underwater use. I saw you had some nice diods. Do you have some suggestion on what to use ? I want a 0.5 second burst that repeats every 5 seconds, just as a beam. Do any driver have that feature ?
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    What company made this one ????

    Thanks! It's working now!
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    What company made this one ????

    Blue laserpointer seized at custums Sweden (gothenburg). "Det började omedelbart ryka och det brändes hål i väggen. Vid undersökningen visade det sig att pekaren hade en maxeffekt på 50W." translated to english "It immediately began to smoke and it burned a hole in the wall. The investigation...
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    Which languages do you speak?

    I know more programming languages than thoose I can speak:) Those I can speak is Swedish, English, German and Norwegian
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    For Sale V5 flex drives

    I want 5 :D, hope that they will be ready soon.
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    Anybody Have this?

    If you have a lathe you can make a heatzink that will fit, I used 2 simular hosts and it was no big problem. price 3$ each.
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    Question for the firearms afficianados out there.

    The desert Eagle uses the gas from the explosion to reload, that's why it's quit nice and does not recoil so mutch as some others :D
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    Question for the firearms afficianados out there.

    My own favourite is the "Baby Eagle" and I use it with 9mm. I have been doing some "practical shooting" earlier in my life so I know a little about handguns. If I were to go into bear country I would at least buy a .44 or .454 revolver, the Desert Eagle .500 is nice also but it's a little...
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    De-annodized Hotlight!

    Are those hosts aluminum? I guess it's just one way to anodiz aluminum so I guess it will work fine if it is aluminum.
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    De-annodized Hotlight!

    :oops: I think i used more like 1 part soda 4 parts water :D Thank's I will add more water next time.
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    De-annodized Hotlight!

    It did for mee, I must have used a solution that was to strong then cause it realy was a lot of bubbles and the exposed treads did not fit at all like before. And it was pure aluminum, I used nitric acid to test that.
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    De-annodized Hotlight!

    Okey, but tell us what that ingredient is please, so we can use it:) But one question remains, you must get rid of the old aluminum oxide, and what eats up aluminum oxide but not aluminum ?
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    De-annodized Hotlight!

    I user caustic soda, and a rather strong solution. But remember to proteckt threads and parts that needs a perfect fitting, this because the caustic "soda eats" aluminum. I use a "hot glue" gun to protect treading.
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm I am in for 2 the spreadsheet is not working for me:yabbmad:, and I am not at home right now so perhaps someone can add mee:shhh:
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    New 3.8mm red Diodes on the Block.

    if there is a GB put me in for 2 please :yh:
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    Glad to see you :D

    Glad to see you :D
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    DIY Super low dropout linear driver

    Low dropout is always nice, What is the price for the components used?
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    My first red build - Bolly BL-8006

    Nice build. +1
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    Laser diode pictures - HIGH magnification

    Yeees... Like those pics :wave: +1
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    GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES CLOSED

    Re: GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES I measured some azix and found that they are smaller than 5.6, then I used my lathe and made a test stick that exactly fits the azix, and I use this to check the pressfit for the 5.6mm diode. I make it with a 5.5 milling drill, and just press sideways a...