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  1. kecked

    Fiber corrected 638nm laser diode find on eBAy

  2. kecked

    Looking for a unicorn-473nm diode

    Well I sold mine and now I wish I had it. IF anyone one has a 465-475nm diode let me now. It doesn't need to BE 473 just in that color space. Certainly no less than 465 and not longer than 475. Power doesn't matter. 30-100mw is fine but i do want to modulate it and I do not want dpss. It's...
  3. kecked

    Live YouTube of burning man

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sajC0N21QD4 they changed the feed url Fun to watch
  4. kecked

    G-ball removal testing

    I have access to dry inert boxes at work. I was thinking to decan some ball diodes in various gas and see what happens. I’m thinking nitrogen’s d another in argon. Nitrogen is not inert. What diodes do you want to see and I don’t have a power meter so what do you suggest? I was thinking to...
  5. kecked

    how to mount the numb diodes?

    is there a host that fits the new numb series of diodes or do they have to be decanned. Anyone sell such a decanning device? Also I use to have a nice set of mounting blocks you put the diode in then it the back to mount it. Who sells those anymore?
  6. kecked

    What is this ?

    happy fathers day to all those who are not a father Not everyone is a father BUT EVERYONE IS A FATHER TO SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. Happy caretaker day. M
  7. kecked

    Thanks for the million rep

    Thanks to all that think that much of my contribution. I do try to not be dead weight.
  8. kecked

    Direct Doubling of 445nm /405nm diodes (cough cough)

    Ok so its a dream to think you could double these guys but can you? I mean if I put 6w of 445nm in and get 10mw of 222 or 202 out of it that would be something. Looking for 200-210nm for a nitrate spectrometer and I dont want high voltage or gas discharge. Hoping for solid state as it goes in...
  9. kecked


    Well I’m pretty well known on the other forum. I’ve been a member here since 2012 and well I’ve not really been active over here. I decided to come by and see the place and find I really like what I see. So hello here I am. My interest is in lumia at the moment and spectroscopy which is how...