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  1. Weltall

    Brief Review!: 450,445 and 473 (Pics)

    Hello all!. :wave: It was actually the idea of a blue laser what got me into this hobby... i really LOVE blue and even feel passion for it (for real!, lol), so it has been my favorite color by far since always. I took a "rest" from the hobby for like 2 years, but still you can imagine my...
  2. Weltall

    Source for short silver cap newwish pens?

    Hello everyone!, this may be silly but i'm looking where to buy these shorter caps newwish pens, specially those 405nm with light blue warning labels!. :) Probably most of u already noticed there are 2 different newwish models, here is a pic with the few differences between each other: As you...
  3. Weltall

    REVIEW: another O-Like 400mW Blu-Ray!

    Hello guys, here goes my review for the O-Like 400mW Blu-Ray, there are already a few around and maybe it is old news for the forum but i'm so happy i could not resist :D. Link: OL-405T-400 First of all, this was my first time dealing with O-Like and i was not dissapointed at all!; I placed...
  4. Weltall

    REVIEW: DX Blu-Ray Dilda 200mW!

    Hello everyone, this is my review for DX200mW blu-ray in the oldstyle dilda host. :wave: Here is the link: DealExtreme: $29.10 Focusable 200mW 405nm Burns Match + Money Detector Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Pen (2*CR2) This is what package contained, placed my order at December 15th and...
  5. Weltall

    REVIEW: Rayfoss RF660-200mw-FWT Red (Grey Host)

    Hello all, this is going to be my newbie review for the RF660-200mW-FWT, which i bought to replace my dead DX 200mW Dilda. www.rayfoss.com I think it is also the first review for this model, i remember someone posted some pics about it but didnt say much but was enough to get me interested in...
  6. Weltall

    Focalprice Anti-green Goggles Review!

    Hello all, today i finally received my 3 pair of focalprice anti-green laser goggles: Focalprice.com offers Professional Anti Green Laser Glassess ,discount Professional Anti Green Laser Glassess,Professional Anti Green Laser Glassess products,low price Professional Anti Green Laser...
  7. Weltall

    HELP! DX200mW and 50mW went dim!

    As title says both of my newest red lasers went dim :(, ive already found these threads regarding the same: http://laserpointerforums.com/f50/my-new-style-dilda-dead-53690.html http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/red-200mw-laser-not-working-correctly-49295.html...
  8. Weltall

    Hello all!, greetings from Mexico!.

    Hello there, i'm Alfonso and as u can see i joined the forum several months ago but didnt do a post or anything because i kept finding the all the answers and info by myself, plus to be honest i am not the talkative kind of guy :o I got into lasers back in february, when ordered a 5mw 405nm pen...