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    What company made this one ????

    Blue laserpointer seized at custums Sweden (gothenburg). "Det började omedelbart ryka och det brändes hål i väggen. Vid undersökningen visade det sig att pekaren hade en maxeffekt på 50W." translated to english "It immediately began to smoke and it burned a hole in the wall. The investigation...
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    Some beams from my first build.

    Hi. Thanks for watching. This is my first beam photos from my first build. http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/my-first-build-using-lathe-my-misstakes-72370.html The quality will get better I hope, but now I am trying to learn.
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    Taking MACRO pics with mobile phone !

    Perhaps this trick is old, but I post it anyway! I got an idea and had to try it. We all use lasers and have lenses in them. I just took one out of my red 650nm 150mW laser and put on my HTC Desire HD (WARNING do not use some crazy super glue or something that might destroy the plastic...
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    How do you make your focusing rings ?

    I made mine with a press-to-fit Is it better to make 9*0.5 treads? i used this in my first bild. http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/my-first-build-using-lathe-my-misstakes-72370.html
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    My first build using a lathe, and my misstakes!

    I recently bought a lathe and decided to make my first build using this to create a heatzink. I randomly bought a little host that was blue cause I had a 405nm diode. At home there was some LM317 and LM350 laying around from some earlier LED project so I decided to use a linear driver. Next...
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    What is the best choise regarding conductivity?

    What is best regarding conductivity ? I use Aixiz module, and remove bottom part, after that I make threads in my heat-zink and screw the Aixiz into place. This is because I think that there will be better heat transfer with threads that are near the diode, then the other way with the hole...
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    Sizes on different batteries

    When I was looking for hosts in diffrent shops I always forgot the size of the batteries, so I made a little dokument to help me out. Perhaps it can help someone.
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    A noob wanting to build his own buck/boost

    Hi. Perhaps this will interest all noobs like me that like to read ? If not it can be deletet. I know the basics about elektronics but have not been doing mutch since 1979 so many things are new to mee. I really like all the hints and information that can be found in this forum, and after...
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    Hi everyone .

    I just started building some small lasers as a hobby and thought it was time to introduce myselfe a little. My name is Fredrik, I'm 51 yrs old, from Sweden, I have my own company and works in the area of application development. (computers). I became a member in 2008, but has so far just been...
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    Fake company or not ?

    Please help. I found a laser I liked, but when I was about to buy it Western Union told me that it might be a scam. The company is super-lazer (dot) com and I was in contact with a jessica_sale (at) live (dot) cn Has anyone made deals with this company? and are they OKEY ? / Fredrik