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  1. ShortyInCanada

    L86 "Ruby" laser projector

    OK. For my first review, to finally report on my "cheap" projector. It was listed by DinoDirect as : 300mw 650nm RedLaser & 80 mw 532nm Green laser & 300mw 450nm Blue/RGB Full Color Laser Light/DJ Equipment (Auto & Sound & DMX & ILDA PC)RGB-500 It does not have any sort of ILDA interface or...
  2. ShortyInCanada

    Eye protection - complete range ?

    So I'm one of the first to always post about using the proper protective eyewear. Having said that, I have NOTHING myself. As I also had only the anniversary 532 5mw pointer this hasn't been a problem. But now I have a cheap chinese projector (that wasn't what it was sold as - no surprise) that...
  3. ShortyInCanada

    Seasonal traditions - what do YOU do ?

    So it is now the week before Christmas. (For those of us that observe the tradition.) As I am one of the more verbal "Bah. Humbug !" types for the weeks before I thought I might now take the time to put on my cheerful seasonal attitude and welcome the joy of the yule. I am looking forward to...
  4. ShortyInCanada

    Proof read to see if you any words out.

    So I'm sitting here at work on a Saturday waiting for those that may need my help, reading through the posting when... Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhh ! I think my brain is going to short out ! I know I'm being picky about it all but after just soooo many times I think it is giving me an...
  5. ShortyInCanada

    Cheating with low angle galvos ?

    SO I have been reading a bunch of postings and I keep seeing that a lot of those cheap chinese units that advertise 30k galvos are only rated at very low beam angles.(as low as 8 degrees.) :mad: Most of the members here have ascertained that most of these units operate at more of a 15k speed...
  6. ShortyInCanada

    What HARDWARE is being used ?

    Other than the pictures of workspaces or related subjects (real or photoshopped:tsk:) I am wondering more and more just what types of hardware combinations are being used by those with RGV/RGB units.:undecided: With all the knowledge here there should be some sort of record of the things that...
  7. ShortyInCanada

    Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia

    So I guess its time to offer my greetings and thanks to all who participate here. I'm a laser dreamer that wants to do so much more than I will probably ever get a chance to. I'm old enough to remember the first rock concerts with lasers and how they were so over-the-top unbelievably amazing for...