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  1. Weltall

    Hi-res Amsler Grid - Eye Damage Assessment

    Wow!, useful indeed!. Apart of the natural blindspots in each eye, glad to see (literally) everything is ok :D
  2. Weltall

    Baron's Garage Sale

    pm sent! :)
  3. Weltall

    Brief Review!: 450,445 and 473 (Pics)

    Thanks everyone!, i appreciate your comments and am glad liked the review! :beer: Ive heard the same and maybe this is a lower diode since the difference with 450nm is apparent, specially at dark because u notice the beam is actually violet as well as the light which lits the room... or just...
  4. Weltall

    Brief Review!: 450,445 and 473 (Pics)

    Hello all!. :wave: It was actually the idea of a blue laser what got me into this hobby... i really LOVE blue and even feel passion for it (for real!, lol), so it has been my favorite color by far since always. I took a "rest" from the hobby for like 2 years, but still you can imagine my...
  5. Weltall

    Sold : NEW 1W-2W C6 blue lasers from $100

    Re: SOLD : NEW 1W-2W C6 blue lasers from $100 I purchased one of these and they are great!. Blord has been very patient answering all my questions, so for those looking for 1W 445's i absolutely recommend these over any chinese sellers... nothing beats the quality of customs builds!, thanks...
  6. Weltall

    Sold : NEW 1W-2W C6 blue lasers from $100

    Re: SOLD : NEW 1W-2W C6 blue lasers from $100 Pm sent! :)
  7. Weltall

    Feeler: LPM'd ebay pens

    Pm sent! :wave:
  8. Weltall

    The wonder of "Women"

    A friend once told me "never try to think as a woman or figure out her mind because u will always fail". Saying that i would say women arent mean to be understood... but just to enjoy their company! :rolleyes:
  9. Weltall


    Re: 5/8 (Clear) Uranium Marbles Hey!, actually ive just checked my mailbox and found the seller's reply: But thanks for ur offer anyways!. :beer:
  10. Weltall


    Re: 5/8 (Clear) Uranium Marbles Nice find!, ive been looking for some of those as well. :evil: However seller mentions that international buyers have to request shipping rates and he will ship only if insurance is available, so im waiting for his reply. In case he says no, will someone be...
  11. Weltall

    Is this laser any good?

    Nice!...well sort of depending on ur point of view, $123 for class IV 445nm laser is still not that bad and it is a 18650 host, which personally i like more than using 2xcr123. Ill check out ur review tomorrow!... is the host blue colored as depicted in the pics?
  12. Weltall

    Knives from DX

    Thanks again for the notes infinitus :beer:, before i ordered mine i did some minor search in google, other forums and even a DX thread regarding customs and delivery time... and as usual i got different opinions and answers. Even inside mexican laws there are contradictions...in one hand they...
  13. Weltall

    Knives from DX

    @InfinitusEquitas Thanks for the info!, there are pics showing the other side of the blade and they arent flat, also did read ur previous post which was helpful cuz i was wondering about their quality and if they were originals, copies or any other, u never know with the chinese. Here are the...
  14. Weltall

    Knives from DX

    Whoa! actually i've been a little curious about knives at DX, and since there are many cool models and such i ended up with only the most "appealing" to me :tinfoil:, currently i wanna order these: This one with titanium oxynitride coating :D However since im not 100% sure of what could...
  15. Weltall

    Focusable Lasers?

    I know its from DX and most probably someone else may suggest a laser from o-like or rayfoss would be a better choice, but i can say the bluray dilda is a very good choice for your first burner. It will actually be around half the power advertised, like ~90mW but still it burns a LOT better...
  16. Weltall

    O-Like Price Increase

    Err...maybe im missing something and please correct me if wrong but...i think u guys totally missed post #11: set is right, for some reason the default currency is canadian dollar but once u change it to USD prices goes back to normal...
  17. Weltall

    O-Like Price Increase

    They also increased 445's prices and basically all of their other popular lasers, their 400mW blu-ray is now $120 (its out stock but there is still the thumbnail link which shows the new price) which is now more expensive than rayfoss' version lol, just when rayfoss started to drop their prices...
  18. Weltall

    1w new laser

    Where did u get it?, $340 is indeed quite expensive specially in that host which is not bad, i actually like it and feels good but is very generic, also have the o-like 405nm 400mw and the duty cicle is very short, so must be it with yours. The point is that for the money u paid, u easily...
  19. Weltall

    Am I the only one who prefers red to 405nm?

    Red is also my second favorite after 405nm, and that is because of the "true" laser properties like, color is brighter, it is not blurry, speckle patter clearly visible (i love that) and there is no fluorescense. If 405nm had the same properties i would love it even more!, good thing i still...
  20. Weltall

    Quality #18650 Batteries & Charger

    Around 2 weeks ago i got my package with 3 batteries i ordered, but unfortunately 1 of them arrived bad, most probably damaged in transit :( However Larry told me he was going to replace it and send a new one free of any charge!, and today i got that battery and it works great!, thank you very...