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  1. LarryDFW

    Guide: Where to buy 18650 & 26650 Li-Ion batteries

    I am long-time member & supplier of lithium ion cells. Now stocking new 21700 cells.
  2. LarryDFW

    New Projector with RGB Color Phosphor Wheel

    I just saw this Infocus INL3148 laser projector that uses a color phosphor wheel with Red, Green & Blue segments. Of course the Blue segment may be clear, but the fact that it has Red & Green phosphors & has 5500 lumens, may mean higher power Laser diodes. Anyone seen any projectors with these...
  3. LarryDFW

    Rust cleaning/ surface prep lasers

    Check the Q-switched Nd:YAG model StyroPyro demoed on YouTube. It definitely removes rust.
  4. LarryDFW

    50 Watt UV Light

    Just an update : New UV Leds I received a week ago are now 60% efficient.
  5. LarryDFW

    New NanoDrive V6

    Looks like a nice compact driver. One thing I would recommend is some epoxy to take the stress off the laser diode leads. Don't want to break the diode !
  6. LarryDFW

    Couple battery questions from newb...

    Only buy quality cells from authentic manufacturers. Sanyo/Panasonic, Samsung and LG have been subjected to UL1642 testing for safety.
  7. LarryDFW

    How to drive 2x40W Coherent Laser diode bars?

    I would also run the two bars in series (2.5 VDC each). One thing I would caution you on, is that Red diodes are sensitive to turn-on and turn-off spikes from power supplies. So insure that the SMPS has a stable output. You can regulate the 2.5 VDC @ 40 amps by adjusting the wire size...
  8. LarryDFW

    Battery question/Help

    Matt; Forget the two AA batteries . . . Get an 18650 lithium ion cell. It can be recharged hundreds of times and will fit hosts for future builds. LarryDFW
  9. LarryDFW

    Panasonic 3400mah 18650 Cell Now Available!

    Just received shipment of the new 10 amp discharge rated Sanyo 3500mah cells today. Measured the Internal Resistance @ 26 milliohms . A very good spec, since the previous 3400mah cell was ~50 milliohms. Noticed that they have raised the positive terminal enough that they will work end-to-end in...
  10. LarryDFW

    How healthy are your batteries? (How to measure internal resistance)

    Analyzing Chargers do give you more information about your cells. I use my Analyzer to give internal resistance levels for many different age cells. The new Sanyo NCR18650 3500mah cells measured @ 30 milliohms on my analyser. That is much better than the 3400mah cells . . .
  11. LarryDFW

    Samsung 18650's

    olympus; I think you are misreading some of the Samsung cells. The ICR18650-30B cells only have a 6 amp rating (the 30 refers to 3000mah). High-current cells are only desired when you have current requirements over ~ 10 amps . . . since they are lower capacity. The newest 3500mah Sanyo cells...
  12. LarryDFW

    Battery information you may want to know

    New technology by Sanyo/Panasonic NMR cells lower the Internal Resistance . . . allowing higher current capabilites . . . both for discharge and charging. Amazing 260Wh/kg Power Density
  13. LarryDFW

    Battery information you may want to know

    I used a 3 amp driver as customer wanted continuous operation capability. From using lots of 18650 cells in stressful applications, the best method for matching cells is Internal Resistance with your cell analyzer/charger. I have gone thru ~500 cells in various projects.
  14. LarryDFW

    Panasonic 3400mah 18650 Cell Now Available!

    I've been using Sanyo cells for about 10 years and have not seen any with grey shrink-wrap. So they're either re-wrapped, or fakes. Pry up the shrink-wrap and look for Red underneath.
  15. LarryDFW

    Battery information you may want to know

    Here is a photo of a PT-54 Red light I built in a brass pill for one of our members (Daguin) :
  16. LarryDFW

    Battery information you may want to know

    The original green NCR3400B Panasonic cells were rated @ 2C or 6.8 amps. The brand new Sanyo cells are 3500mah, AND have a 10 amp rating. That is a 47% increase in current rating and more capacity. I also have some of the Samsung 25R cells with higher current ratings, but much less capacity.
  17. LarryDFW

    Battery information you may want to know

    PMan ; Having abused many 18650 cells in RC racing, I would caution everybody on using the pulse ratings on the cells tested. Every manufacturer would say DO NOT use them at those peak current levels, because of heat rise internally and possible venting/fire. Maximum continuous current rating...
  18. LarryDFW

    Panasonic 3400mah 18650 Cell Now Available!

    I think you will like those new Sanyo/Panasonic 3400mah cells.
  19. LarryDFW

    got some extra drivers in

    I see a problem with these drivers. The SS14 Schottky diode in top photo is a 1 amp diode. It will overheat and the solder will fail at 2 amps. So if you have one, limit the duty cycle to about 30 seconds or so.
  20. LarryDFW

    Panasonic 3200mAh 18650s - $5

    I also am not happy with GearBest . I ordered a XL sweatshirt from them for a gift . They didn't ship for a couple of weeks. Then when I finally received it, they had taken a "Large", and relabeled it as an "Extra Large".