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  1. LarryDFW

    New Projector with RGB Color Phosphor Wheel

    I just saw this Infocus INL3148 laser projector that uses a color phosphor wheel with Red, Green & Blue segments. Of course the Blue segment may be clear, but the fact that it has Red & Green phosphors & has 5500 lumens, may mean higher power Laser diodes. Anyone seen any projectors with these...
  2. LarryDFW

    50 Watt UV Light

    Just finished a couple of these lights . . . Biggest challenge was proper heat sinking for that continuous 50W power LED . . . The complete light is 24" tall for size perspective. Bulb weights a couple of pounds alone .
  3. LarryDFW

    Charger that Analyses Cell Quality

    I am very impressed with this new 2-Cell charger . . . Charges 18650, 26650, 16340, and 14500 Lithium Ion Cells Selectable Charging Current of 1/2 amp or 1 amp on each channel Discharges Cells to Determine Capacity Analyses Cells to Determine Internal Resistance Comes with 115 VAC adapter, but...
  4. LarryDFW

    Chinese Quality Control

    Even though this is a high drain lithium iron phosphate cell, the red hot strap could melt thru the PVC tube at the positive end, causing even more dangerous higher currents ! Does show the potential damage of shorting a charged cell's terminals. LarryDFW
  5. LarryDFW

    New Panasonic 18650 High Discharge Cell

    Panasonic has released a new NCR18650PD 18650 3.7V 2900mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery. It is capable of 10A discharge @ 20' C. I think this cell will make the IMR 2000mah cells obsolete. It has a huge capacity . . . , for a high-discharge cell. LarryDFW
  6. LarryDFW

    Portable 1/2 Watt RGB

    New project I have been working on: A portable Lab laser with 650nm Red, 445nm Blue and 532nm Green primaries. It is powered by two #18650 3400mah Panasonic cells for run times of over 2.5 hours. (Or 9-12 VDC @ 1 amp plug-in supply) Switches control White, Red, Blue, Green, Magenta...
  7. LarryDFW

    Panasonic 3400mah 18650 Cell Now Available!

    Sanyo/Panasonic 3500mah 18650 Cells & Chargers Available! It is available for users who need the ultimate power. Also, charging to 4.2 VDC for existing chargers. Very Low Internal Resistance (26 milliOhms) allows 10 Amp Discharge Ability. All cells come with + terminal button for series...
  8. LarryDFW

    Battery Mfgs Rated by Research Firm

    Interesting comparison of cell manufacturers by Pike Research for automotive applications: Rating gives top marks to LG for execution and strategy. LG has contracts to supply GM Volt, and new Ford hybrid with lithium ion cellls. LarryDFW
  9. LarryDFW

    4.35 VDC Charger for New 18650 Cells

    Finished final testing the new 4.35 VDC Charger tonight. It is designed for ONLY the new generation of Samsung, Sanyo and LG 3000mah cells, using higher voltage technology. It charges @ 900 ma for only one cell (50% more than my standard charger). It is checked for proper charging voltage...
  10. LarryDFW

    Green Laser Diode in TO-56

    This TO-56 Green laser should fit many of the hosts we are currently using: Here is a little more info on the very-efficient PPLN (periodically poled lithium niobate) conversion: Should be good for 120mw or so. LarryDFW
  11. LarryDFW

    Hi-Power Red LED 12 Watt Build

    Not a laser, but a lot of power input in this build. The PT54 LED is from our favorite C_s_o Projector. It is rated @ 8 amps, but in a handheld host that is too much. I decided to operate @ 3 amps, for a total input of 12 watts. The first requirement was cutting the solid copper base to fit...
  12. LarryDFW

    Quality #18650 Batteries & Charger

    . . . Experience All Your Laser's Real Power ! ! . . . Move Up to More Powerful Batteries These Batteries have been thru Stringent UL #1642 Testing, and have new "Safety Layer" construction NEW 3400mah . . Panasonic Cells . . 55 mOhms !! Now available with Round Buttons on Positive Pole...
  13. LarryDFW

    Sharp Releases Triple -Layer BR Recorder

    This should be delivered with higher power BR diodes. Notice the association of Sharp & Pioneer. Picture of the dual lens sled: LarryDFW
  14. LarryDFW

    Nichia to Ship Green Diode Laser

    The color has a little more blue than I would like ... but direct green diodes are here. LarryDFW
  15. LarryDFW

    Direct-Drive 445 Host

    This is my latest 445 build for long run times (15 min. or so). I started with this mount for the Aixiz module: It is a very tight press fit with thermal compound. The back side of the Aixiz module has a generous amount of heat-conductive epoxy in contact with the aluminum heatsink. The...
  16. LarryDFW

    445nm Heat Sink Requirements

    These high-power 445nm laser diodes require substantial heat sinks to operate @ 500 ma and higher. This is the heat sink design on my new 445nm build: The top cap tightens down on the aluminum disc and finned heat sink. It has 2.5 oz. of finned aluminum in good thermal contact with the diode...
  17. LarryDFW

    Flat Red Laser Diode Testing - 2nd Phase

    Finished some preliminary Flat Plastic Red diode testing last night. From looking at the calibrated Scientech Power meter test results ... I think that these diodes do have the capability to operate at higher power levels than the LOC's we have been using. The operating voltages were...
  18. LarryDFW

    Triple PHR Light Build

    I just finished final testing on a new light that combines 3 PHR diodes. The light was designed for 405nm UV inspection duties, with fairly long duty cycles (~15 min.). I used a triple reflector to concentrate the light in a narrow beam. It does not utilize aspheric lenses on the PHR's. The...
  19. LarryDFW

    Optical Trapping - Real Laser Tractor Beams

    "Optical Trapping" experiments capture smoke particles in the laser beam at or near the focal point of the beam. When the dielectric smoke particles drift outside the focal point, diffraction of the laser beam creates an opposing force & pushes them back toward the focal point. This is a...
  20. LarryDFW

    Micro Greenie for Handheld Projectors

    Saw this interestring photo today and remembered some LPF people asking about the small size of greens on the new pico-projectors. "The laser device produces green laser light with a wavelength of 532nm by changing the wavelength of laser light that is emitted from a quantum dot laser and has a...