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    Is the nubm44 the best diode for burning?

    Lately all my friends have been asking me which diode is the best choice for building a laser for burning? Several of them are considering constructing their own handhelds, including myself, and wanna know if their are any other diodes that compete with the nubm44 in terms of power? Has anyone...
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    Why not build and auction a custom laser for donations?

    I'm not sure if any of the forum members have suggested this before, but why not build a custom laser using parts and expertise from forum members and auction it off every month with the proceeds going to the forum? On top of that, the members whose parts we use would benefit as well from the...
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    Which 16340 batteries are strongest?

    I've read every thread on this site that contained information on the 16340, coming to the conclusion that most members prefer the AW brand over all others. Is this still true today? I know the technology advances all the time, just wanting to order the best battery out there.
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    New Guy Here

    What's up LPF? My name is Gregory Lee, I'm a 34 year old redneck from the backwoods of central Kentucky. I own several low power lasers up to 1 watt, and just purchased a 3 watt from forum member trussmonkey25. Can't wait for it to arrive! I always practice safety first when beaming around my...