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    Review of the Sanwu Challenger II- 465 nm 2 Watt multimode

    It arrived today! So in went an Orbitronic 18650 Protected battery. It started in 1 mW mode. I was able to switch it to half and full power easily with tail switch half presses. This switching requires a protected 18650 within a certain range of length. I've written elsewhere about that- so I...
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    SanWu 1 watt 520 nm Multimode-18650 Protected-too long-resolution

    A great product indeed! Working nicely. This is really a heads up for anyone having issues with switching modes on the Challenger 2. Luckily SanWu has excellent Customer service. Thanks Francis! Li ion batteries- no prior exposure. I learned that the Lithium ion batteries are named by...
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    490 nm Lightsaber ;-)

    Just for fun. My Sanwu Challenger 2 (sharp 490 nm) pointed into an Ultrasabers light saber blade. Not attached -just pointing in. With a ring adapter and a set screw it could be attached. What would be better would be to take a replica LED lightsaber-with motion sensing and sound-and swap out...
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    Is this the tool for changing lenses?

    Hi I just want to confirm thhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/Spanner-Wrench-1-32-Great-Tool-for-Lens/201921608990?hash=item2f03773d1e:g:K1QAAMXQMXRQ8y5x
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    Anyone buy from Laserpoints.com?

    I wanted to get the waterproof 505 nm reviewed by LED_museum. I can't find it anywhere on EBAY-although there are many offerings of the 488 nm version. I only found it at the "Laserpoints.com" store. Any experience with them? Thanks!
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    LaserPointerPro 50W spam! :-) Could it for a fraction of a second?

    :wtf: I now get Spam adds from them. Just in 50 W hand held gatling Laser. Do they have no upper limit to their absurd claims? If you drove a 1.4 Watt capable 445 nm LED with enough current-would it output 50W for some fraction of a second before failing? Resistance generates heat-so maybe...
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    New Sanwu 150 mW Challenger2-Photos of LED Color-White Balance settings

    I am in no way challenging Sanwu. It was marked 492 on the wrapping. Paul was thinking it looked more like 488 and I know he has compared many of these diodes. But perception and photography are both fickle! I'd call this aquamarine. So I set my Canon 5D MKIV on RAW, took the laser lens off and...
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    492 nm 150 mW Beauty from SanWu

    My 492 nm 150 mW Challenger 2! Beautiful Aquamarine beam. Love it! Single Protected 18650 (690 mm) Nitecore battery. First beam shot. And yes-it can light matches ;-)
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    Got my Sanwu 1Watt 520 back-POOF!

    I was excited after weeks to get my Sanwu 1 Watt module back-multimode was stuck on 1 mW. Looking good- 5 half presses-bright beam- then POP! Smoke out the back. Now it's dead altogether. This is frustrating with a new laser. I think they should send a replacement module. Does that seem reasonable?
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    Cheap USB laser engraver-No safety glasses mentioned?

    Hi all, a friend sent me this link. Looks cool. A 405 nm Cube with USB-fun for kids. I don't see anything about eye protection-which is a concern. The video makes it look fun and safe. Not good! https://www.surprise.shopping/index.php?route=product/product&path=63&product_id=128
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    Ultrafire-dead ALREADY?

    Arrrrrrrgh! After some reading-I noticed that Ultrafire Batteries have a BAD rep. I have two that I got with a "Gattling Laser" within the last month. One is officially DEAD already. I'm glad I followed advice on the forum about battery chargers-I have a Nitecore D4. I was able to recharge...
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    Sanwu Challenger II 520 nm 1 watt impressions

    Hi I took the plunge and bought a quality laser from Sanwu. The 1 watt Challenger 2, 520 nm 1 Watt Multi-functional version. Initially, I ordered a 150 mW 525 nm-but changed my mind. I must say it was very easy emailing Francis-and changing my order. Then it was time to wait. Total? About 7...
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    First Laser photo (445 "1 watt" with 3X beam expander

    Hi all, I have one of those common 445 nm "Gatling lasers"- and I ordered a Sanwu 3X Beam Expander for it-which works perfectly. The only issue is that the host starts to get warm after a minute-or less. (I shut it off for awhile-having read the forum on the subject) I am focusing it on a...
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    520 nm diode-won't need Infrared Goggle-more efficient than 532?

    Hi I am new to the hobby-I've been reading about DPSS vs direct diodes and if I read correctly, the 532 nm are DPSS and get to 532 nm via 1064 nm infrared (which is also why cheap 532 nm put out an invisible infrared beam-no filter). I have a 520 nm 1 Watt (Challenger 2( being built by...
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    Hello-new member! (have googles)

    Hi! Recent owner of lasers wanting to learn-and have fun (safely!). Reading the post before posting-is always a good idea. :-) I have Goggles (Eagle from Survival Lasers)-they don't seem to have GOOGLES in their catalog. I own 3 currently. A Green (532 nm) pointer "Rapidly Cat Toy" from...