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    GUIDE: Which company should I buy from?

    I've ordered a few lasers from them, a 301 and a 303 both with batteries. At the low price I didn't expect much, but the products work OK and I'm happy with them. I'm sure they lie about the power output, but the lasers I got do burn as advertised.
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    Source code for stepper motors

    I'm not sure if I can find the code I wrote a while back, but steppers are driven in different ways. Assume a Uni-polar Stepper with 4 coils, A, B, C, and D. The letter indicates which coil is turned on. Single Phase or Wave Drive: A B C D (repeat over and over for clockwise and reverse for...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    I know this seems pointless, but sometimes it's just fun to explore things to see how the operate. I also love to look inside things to see how they tick. It really doesn’t matter if it’s the greatest meter ever (not likely) OR total junk (likely), it’s just fun to explore and see how...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    The PICs with the build in A/D are able to convert an analog sample very quickly. If I’m reading the specification sheet correctly, it should take only 24uS (microseconds) for a 10 bit conversion. See page 107. http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/40001262F.pdf Even with 64...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    lasersbee (Jerry) Said, "I'm convinced it uses the same circuitry as in the original Pocket LPM. A simple 10 turn trim pot across the TEC with the wiper going to the off-the-shelf milli-volt meter as I showed in my original review. ... " My comments to Benm were how it could have been built...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    Jerry, Thanks for your comments. The offset of zero could explain this message I spotted: mine can't read anything lower than 25mw... Benm, I was thinking the same thing about how it could have been built. A small PIC Micro-controller with built in A/D could read the sensor, apply...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    I don't have the meter, but I just copied the data fro two other people who have the Pocket Power Meter. I assume that the Tornado Laser Power Meter is based on the same circuit that the Pocket Power Meter is based on. The data I can look at from the two different tests done by two different...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    Looking at the limited data for the pocket power meter, it appears that below 60mw, the accuracy is REALLY bad. At 60mw, it's like +/- 15%. At around 500mw, it's maybe +/-10%. However, I'm looking at limited data and it might be even worse. The bottom line is I'm getting a Laserbee Unit...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    In no way would I suggest that the Tornado would even come close to the quality and accuracy of the Laserbee units. It's just impossible for a $55 unit to match units costing in the hundreds of dollars. I should point out that from the 2017 units to the 2018 units of the Pocket Laser Meter...
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    Tornado Laser Power Meter From The Laser Pointer Store

    This must be something new that just popped up on their web pages: Tornado Laser Power Meter $55 LPS is working hard to let our laser fans to have an accurated, reliable, and affordable laser power meter. The Pocket laser power meter is popular but we still have space to improve. Tornado is...
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    New member from Spain

    Hola, Que Tal By the way, don't feel bad about your English, I know some Spanish, BUT I'm very poor at speaking it and even worse at writing it. First: Get Eagle Brand Safety Glasses these offer the best protection for your eyes. Avoid the cheap Chinese glasses. Option #1: Start simple...
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    Is simply shining a Class 3+ laser into the sky illegal?

    I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to share a story from a while back. I was visiting my son in Tacoma, Washington. I brought my 100mW green laser to show him. We went outside at night and I did ask where any airport was before powering up, thus making sure we wouldn't point in the...
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    Class 3 Lasers

    I know you said that it will be in March before you face the trial, but please keep us updated on what happened. Also, so sorry you got tangled up in that mess. The law seems so unfair and unreasonable. :(
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    Low Cost Heat Sink Tests

    My guess is there are a lot of other low cost heat sinks out there. Are there any favorites that anyone has?
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    Low Cost Heat Sink Tests

    Maybe "Pissed Off" was too strong a term and I should have said, "unhappy". AixiZ doesn't need to send me anything, I went to the local electronics store and picked up some M3x10 and M3x16 screws. The M3x10 are the correct size, but it's always nice to have the larger ones just in case...
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    Low Cost Heat Sink Tests

    UPDATE: I tested the AixiZ heat-sink and there were some surprises. First this is the smallest and the lightest of the heat-sinks and I expected it to be the worst, BUT surprise, it did far better than expected. The other two small heat-sinks could run for only around 5 minutes before hitting...
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    How do I know the actual output of my laser?

    A Laser Power Meter is the best way. I'm considering the following, but I'm open to input: LPM
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    Low Cost Heat Sink Tests

    I'm really excited, the AixiZ shipment just arrived today. The following photo shows the size differences. I included the red laser diode for comparison. The AixiZ weighs in at 19.8G (0.69oz), compared to the largest at 116.9G (4.12oz). If all goes well, I'll run the tests tomorrow and...
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    Maybe Third Time Is A Charm

    (1) The second diode is my being paranoid about a reverse connection. I wanted to take any reverse voltage, with 0.05-10 uA of current, off of the key parts. Likely it doesn't matter, but better safe than sorry. (2) I just took the design directly from the TI spec sheet, page 19...
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    Member Map

    Oddly enough, I didn't put any fans on the lasers, just large heat sinks. Maybe for my 1.8W Blue laser I should put a fin, but tests show that I can run for about 5 minutes before it gets too hot. The red seems to run OK without a fan and I'm testing the cheaper heat sinks to see which does...