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  1. Bogart

    375nm USHIO 200mW HL37013MG Diode

    I'm interested in one of these. I've sent a PM with my address.
  2. Bogart

    Seeking tips on de-canning LDs

    Well, maybe collimation wasn't the right term to use. You know how the beam from a common 445 will tend to diverge more than one from a single-mode LDs due to it's larger emitter? Removing the can seems to increase that effect a good bit.
  3. Bogart

    Seeking tips on de-canning LDs

    Well, the drill method worked pretty well for me. I used a single-edged razor blade to make the cut. I first practiced on a 445 that was LED'd, and it still lit up afterward. Then I did the same on a 445 that had a smudged/scratched window. Beforehand I measured 890mW from it. Afterward it...
  4. Bogart

    Yes I do actually. I'm glad to see that your laser hobby has developed quite a bit, judging by...

    Yes I do actually. I'm glad to see that your laser hobby has developed quite a bit, judging by your sig.
  5. Bogart

    FS: Heavy Duty test load kit 3000mA $10

    Yes, the 2V range is appropriate for setting the current up to 2A. For higher currents you should use the next range up.
  6. Bogart

    Seeking tips on de-canning LDs

    I assume that the idea is to weaken the metal, but not actually penetrate it with the blade (and thus not contaminate the semiconductor with metal dust), yes? I suppose I should just try it. I have some that are truly dead that I could use for practice.
  7. Bogart

    Seeking tips on de-canning LDs

    I apologize if this has already been covered somewhere I have not yet looked. I have seen a number of posts talking about de-canning laser diodes, but not much said about the actual process. I have a number of LDs laying around (mostly 445s and 405s) that have damaged cans or windows that I...
  8. Bogart

    Why does the current increase when you run 2x flexdrive's in parallel?

    That's the essence of it. A flexdrive measures the amount of current flowing through it, and will adjust it's output voltage up or down (within it's limits) as needed to maintain a constant amount of current. A laser diode will consume all the current you can feed it until it fries, if given...
  9. Bogart

    real world uses for lasers share them!

    I once used a pair of laser pens to preserve the alignment on my wife's car while I replaced the outer tierod end. I used zipties to fasten them securely to the two front wheels (in retrospect I should have instead attached them to the brake rotors), and placed pieces of tape on the house and...
  10. Bogart

    Need advice, someone has purchased these batteries.

    I've always bought the TrustFire 18650s from DX: $7.88 - TrustFire Protected 18650 Lithium Battery (2500mAh 2-Pack Blue) - Batteries So far, out of 6 or 8 cells, I've not had any problems. That's quite a good price you've found. Here are the UltraFire green 2600mAh rated ones on DX: $9.72 -...
  11. Bogart

    Repairing a damaged Microflex

    Nice. I just made a working MicroBoost yesterday from two dead ones. I had operated one with no load accidentally, and after 5-10 seconds the large resistor had cooked itself and cracked in half. I transplanted the one from the other MB that had other problems (made too much current for some...
  12. Bogart

    16x Diodes?

    I see there are some 16X BD-R drives around now... I wonder if the diodes used in them are any better than the 10X/12X ones. It looks like it might cost $279 to find out. :eek: :undecided: Edit: I fail. Looks like this has been covered already. They're not 16X BD-R writers...
  13. Bogart

    Does anyone know anything about Drlava?

    Doh. Sorry about that. :oops: Tell you what...I'll offer to sell you guys any that I have in stock for the same cost as you would get ordering from Lava's webstore, on an ongoing basis. I don't have much to offer at the moment though. I have 5 FlexDrives left, and 8 of the P3s. Planters...
  14. Bogart

    Does anyone know anything about Drlava?

    The FlexDrives have been unavailable to purchase from Lava's webstore since at least 3/10, and the MicroBoosts for longer. I made an inquiry on 3/10 to ask when they would become available again, but have not received a response. I thought I would ask here to see if you guys have any intel on...
  15. Bogart

    Does anyone know anything about Drlava?

    I know I have received a number for him automatically somewhere in the Google Checkout information several times. I have not yet been so forward as to call it.
  16. Bogart

    "WTB: AixiZ modules"

    Can you get a Money Order? I'll sell you two modules for $8 shipped. PM me.
  17. Bogart

    omg what did i do?

    When a wall wart is rated like this, it means that it produces ~12V when operating with a full 1000mA load. At a lower load, or no load, the voltage is often quite a bit higher, maybe even by 50%.
  18. Bogart

    Possible new aixiz 405/445 glass lens

    I'll chime in here... When I first ordered lenses from Aixiz, they came individually wrapped in brown paper inside of the white rolls of 5 each, and were of consistently good quality. A while back I had received a couple batches of Aixiz lenss which were just the bare lenses/nuts wrapped in...
  19. Bogart

    A130 yields

    That's a shame there. I have a bunch of harvest pics, but it seems like it might be better for lpf if I didn't post them now. I will say that harvesting them is not hard at all. I did not read any tutorials or see any pics before beginning my first harvest, and it was straightforward and...
  20. Bogart

    Arctic burn skin pic ? gone ?

    The pic is still up: IIRC, it was taken about 4 days after exposure. I also recall there being alcohol involved. :drunk: