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  1. laserlands

    a complain received by a customer for the newly 520nm green laser pointer

    here is the complain I received from a customer: This is a comparison between what used to be a 200mw red laser. 5mw of green is much brighter than this. and he gave me two pictures as comparison. from the picture. the so called red laser module is nearly the same brightness as our green...
  2. laserlands

    comparation of our 10mw green line laser with others

    a customer bought a 10mw green line laser module from us, but he said it is too weak for him, and he does not trust the output of it although we tested all laser output before shipping. so that I have to put the case here, if there is someone can answer the question here, and if someone can help...
  3. laserlands

    judgement for fda license <5mw 638nm orange laser pointer

    here is a judgement for me and a buyer from us. we have some <5mw 638nm laser pointers for sell. but today, a buyer says, "selling cheapest stupid chiniese products with fraud features NICHT KAUFEN HIER". so that he is not satisfied with it and left me a ng feedback. I have opened this new...
  4. laserlands

    information for laser protective goggles

    NOTE AND MORE INFORMATIONS for laser protective goggles 1. this is an IPL laser protective goggles, it can work for nearly full wavelength by laser which human eyes sensible. as you know IPL uses lower power laser for full wavelength. some IPL machines can cover blue, yellow, green and red...
  5. laserlands

    compare some red laser. and hope the conclusion here can help some beginners 4 laser

    here is a picture taken by one of my customers. he is new for laser. here, I may help some beginners for lasers by this picture you can see that there are three lasers. the left one is a 5-10mw red laser point--price about 2.5-4usd. the middle is a 90mw-110mw red laser module (lens:plastic...
  6. laserlands

    help: 405nm 500mw ld specification

    who has datasheet of specification for 405nm 500mw ld in item BDR-205BK and item BDR-S06J we have suffered a problem when produce new item, if there is any one knows the specification of it, we will very very appreciate thank you so much you all Merry
  7. laserlands

    review of DOHM 473nm 50mw blue DPSS laser

    if you are a regular member of this platforum, you may know that I am a fan of lasers and we are a company for producing laser products. this is a review for DOHM 473nm dpss laser--please treat me as a fan of laser right now.:san: we have sold this dpss laser for about two years, and now have...
  8. laserlands

    high performance-price ratio 473nm DPSS 50mw blue laser.

    I got a 473nm 50mw dpss blue laser. it has two version: ttl or analog. I here share some pictures I took by my cell phone it is very big and heavy: the sticker here is 50mw, but we tested it by lpm that it is 85mw. the laser beam is very beautiful: 473nm laser were normally very...
  9. laserlands

    help: mixed 470nm laser with 445nm laser in white RGB laser module

    I have sold one RGB white laser, the specification is as follows: green 532nm 30mw (808nm ld) blue 470nm-473nm 80mw red 650nm 100mw total output: 200mw a buyer bought one from me and I confirms that it is 470-473nm laser for the blue. it is not 445-450nm. when the buyer received it, he insists...
  10. laserlands

    DPSS, glue crystal and disconcreate crystal green 532nm lasers

    I am always asked questions for glue crystal green lasers. 1. normally, green laser = 808nm pump laser ld + glue crystal + driver this kind of green laser does not have very stable output and have normally 30-50% 808nm ir laser. it also cannot get very high and very low output. normally, we get...
  11. laserlands

    HELP: mixed the OSRAM 450nm laser diode & LED diode

    I have sold lasers on ebay. there is new item: 450nm laser module 50-80mw. it is made of OSRAM laser diode 450p. a few days ago, a buyer bought one of this kind of laser but two days ago, he claimed that it is a led with a lens not a laser. as everybody knows, laser diode itself cannot coherent...
  12. laserlands

    Laserlands say sorry and stops selling laserking series temporarily

    Dear LPF members, I rerepsent Laserlands.com to make a statement: The Laser-King Green 200mW series laser torch and module have a respectively higher defective or under-spec rate than other products. We decide to stop selling old version green Laser King series laser torches and modules and have...
  13. laserlands

    Chinese Companies OFF for about 1 month for Spring Festival

    Hi Today is Jan 25, 2010. Feb. 13, 14 will be Chinese New Year Eve and New Year's Day. 10 days before and 15 days after the two days are usually holidays for Chinese people for family reunion, visiting relatives and "GUONIAN "BAINIAN". Businesses are usually off during this period. if anybody...
  14. laserlands

    terrifying burning capability of 405nm 200mw waterproof focusable torch

    have a small burning test of the 200mw violet blue blu-ray burning laser pointer torch I have this torch burn red match(red end match),light cigarette, write "laserlands" one black box. It can ignite the match less than a second, burning the cigarette quickly. This torch has three color...
  15. laserlands

    Laserlands.com sells over 100mw with free protection goggles

    for the safety of your eyes, laserlands.com are selling over 100mw lasers (including 100mw laser torch)with a pair of free protection goggles. it is not a professional 532nm goggles, but it has a wide range and great protection effect. it sells at 9.99 at ebay. now it is totally free. Picture.1...
  16. laserlands

    HELP: How to name this stuff?

    Hi, guys Our company are going to sell this staff, but don't know how to name it in English. any one has an idea to name it? Thank you for your help. Merry
  17. laserlands

    Sorry about the "SPAM"

    Hi, guys i don't know you guys dislike "SPAM" so much. i though i just post some threads to make sure somebody who needs the laser won't miss this information. no other intentions. here i can would like to make some statements. 1. the activity applicant choosing standards prefers a stable and...
  18. laserlands

    Laserlands.com "HALF PRICE WITH A REVIEW" Promotion When?

    Our company is going to lauch a "HALF PRICE WITH A REVIEW" promotion. but don't know when is the best time to start it. Many guys are enjoying their Chrsitmas and New Year holiday. Any suggestion for a date to lauch this activity is welcomed. The activity has been already started...
  19. laserlands

    Cool EXCLUSIVE 200mW Green Laser Module

    Special enough? Diameter 24mm USED for Laserlands Laser-King Waterproof Series
  20. laserlands

    First Order Coupon from Laserlands.com

    Hi, Pals If you have interests in lasers in Laserlands, you can use the 1$coupon for your any amount first order. We are a portable laser manufacturer from China. We start direct selling three month ago. There is many laser dealer in this forum, maybe you can have a try with us Laserlands, or...