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  1. 10fenny

    SELEM 11 Anyone!?!

    I just signed up for SELEM 11! SE Laser Enthusiast's Meeting. It will be in Newton, North Carolina. I just wanted to see if anyone else here is going. This will be my third LEM and first SELEM. My first two were NWLEM, for Im born and raised in pdx oregon, and got sucked into living in kentucky...
  2. 10fenny

    rilk and marlty

    Burp! Anyone!? Hehe!
  3. 10fenny


    Here are a few shots of some abstracts I have done recently. Nothing special but pics came out decent. I rarely share my pics here. Probably because It takes an extra second vs FB laserist. This is why I recommend getting an RGB projector. It also does great rainbow sheets and beams .... after...
  4. 10fenny

    kryton groove build questions

    Hey guys!! So I was bored and decided I wanted to do another laser build. I started going through my boxes of parts and hosts. I found a couple kryton groove hosts I bought prolly over a year ago. I have yet to do anything with them. They are a pretty unique host. I am currently trying to figure...
  5. 10fenny

    My Projector Abstracts!!

    Here are some abstracts I made recently. The actual abstract is a lot more wireframe. These photos were taken with a low ISO. I think they came out great. I few of them got featured on the FB laserists cover photo... Which got posted today.. my birthday. So I thought that was pretty badass.
  6. 10fenny

    Moving to ky.. any laserists there?

    So I just got married last week. Now the wife and I are driving from Oregon to ky. She got accepted to university of loisVille. Two year program. I am currently in Denver Colorado and wow what a drive. Went to reno and moab so far. Just seeing if there are any laserists in ky.
  7. 10fenny

    KY laser laws?

    I am sadly moving out of oregon for two years to kentucky. GF got into a great school program there. Anyways I have been trying to research their laser laws and dont seem to find any specifics. I am assuming they will just fall under FDA regulations. Our famous machinist from KY seems to have...
  8. 10fenny

    Let there be WHITE!!

    So I got this RGV projector from a friend awhile back. I got it for 200$ because the red diode was dead. Well I finally got around to putting a red diode it. The thing is.. is that I found a random red diode in my laser box. I thought/hoped it was a single mode like a lpc 826. Well it wasnt. It...
  9. 10fenny

    Fog machine spit out HOT juice.

    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, so excuse me. Last night I was running my projector and fog machine like most weekends. Well after an hour ish of use I was standing just a little forward of underneath it when it spit out a drop of burning fog juice. It hit the back of my neck and made...
  10. 10fenny

    Break Time Pic

    I was taking a break to eat a grilled cheese sandwich when I looked up to see the havoc I caused in only a few hours!… I actually didn't turn the beer to advertise. I'm sure most of you have the same "style".
  11. 10fenny

    DE STAR astroid killer!

    I just saw this on my FB feed and figured I'de share. Pretty badass concept to destroy an astroid with a laser! DE-STAR
  12. 10fenny

    My Ghetto "spirograph" scanner pic! *Updated with vid*

    So I built a ghetto version of a laser scanner that they call on youtube a "spirograph" setup. It produces pretty badass effects. I just built a 450nm PL450B for it. For some reason this comp makes it look 405nm! Anyways I'm rambling! My one good pic! My step-bro took this pic with his...
  13. 10fenny

    more plane attacks killing our hobby 7-16-15

    heres the link! FAA: 11 commercial flights over New Jersey report lasers - CNN.com
  14. 10fenny


    My gf found this figurine and I had a perfect shot for him!!
  15. 10fenny

    Project overkill... not what you think!

    So I was bored and had some parts laying around and had my usual off key idea!! I have a 685nm diode and driver(lighting stalker Miniar) that I set to put out a HUGE 15mW. So I have a vast assortment of hosts right now. So you guys... quit posting hosts in the B/S/T section. Hmm what host to...
  16. 10fenny

    More youtube laser abuse

    Has anyone seen these guys?? They are pointing a bunch of lasers at an rc copter with a million people in the room and no one is wearing glasses/goggles. The copter appears to have shiny stickers on it.. Stray reflections everywhere. The info says its after a SELEM meeting. Figured they would...
  17. 10fenny

    WTB mircro boost or similar

    Hello! Joe here! I am currently on the market for some sort of mirco-boost driver. I am building/helping my GF with her single cell 14500 build. We want to power an Osram pl450b 120mW diode to about 30mA. I think flaminpyro was out of stock the last time I looked.
  18. 10fenny

    My one 589nm Beam shot!

    Sorry guys, for I have flaked hard on the outcome of my 589nm! Once you get these lasers you tend to forget about the forum life. Besides.. less time here means more time with lasers.. So heres my one 589nm beamshot. I know its not much, but my phone/living situation makes it hard to transfer...
  19. 10fenny

    Random Phone pic- 685nm diffraction

    I was just looking though my phone and saw this pic! So I figured I'de share. 685nm putting out about 15mW. Powered by a badass "The lighting stalker" driver. same grating I used in my 520nm vs 532nm shot as you can tell its a lot more dim at 15mW!
  20. 10fenny

    532nm vs 520nm

    So i wanted to just show my current green lasers. the 532nm is a dx 200mW module that meters at about 120mW. The 520nm is a recent build that I am currently having tailcap issues with but thats another ordeal. It metered at a peak of 175mW! so they are pretty close to the same power levels. I...