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    Jayrob on MSN!

    Looks like MSN just discovered Jayrob's BluRay Phaser kit! LOL Link below: Man builds working 'Star Trek' style phaser, blasts a balloon
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    Happy Pi Day!

    3.14, March 14. Pi Day. Hope y'all have a good'n. :)
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    Multiquote tutorial

    I searched the forum for information on how to use the multiquote function to no avail. After a few trial and errors, I figured it out. Just click the "Multiquote" button below the posts you want to include in a single post. A "+" will appear next to it. After selecting the last multiquote...
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    Black Devil - Moscow Ride on R1

    Think you can ride a motorcycle? Don't try this anywhere! :eek: XihQeZpwqpE
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    Chinese Lunar New Year Holliday

    Was looking at stuff on the Deal Extreme website and came across this notice. Be sure to order soon or be prepared to wait even longer if you are ordering anything from any company in China.
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    Please help with DSLR camera color rendition

    I have a Canon T2i (EOS 550D) and the beam shots of my 445nm look very violet. Does anyone know how to adjust the color rendition to more accurately reflect what the eye sees? Is that white balance or some other setting? This is my first digital SLR and the number of settings and flexibility is...
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    Green module voltage question

    Do you think the green modules like this sold on Eekbay by "itemquickship" will handle the voltage of a fully charged (4.2VDC) CR123A 3.6v battery? I asked him that question and here's his reply: "Hi friend, I'm not sure about that. i never tried before. Suggest use 3V. Thank you so much." I...
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    L-R:525mW 405nm, 1W 445nm, 1.3W 445nm, 260mW 650nm
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    Skirting Eekbay restrictions?

    Anybody see these on Eekbay: Deluxe GM100 Green Laser Pointer w/ Gift Case Ship Fast Deluxe GM50 Green Laser Pointer w/ Gift Case Ship Fast Check out the answer to the question asked at the bottom of the GM100 auction. I'm wondering if the seller is passing 50 and 100mW pointers off as 5mW to...
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    Yob 405nm Aurora C6 500mW

    As a Christmas present to myself I bought a yobresal 405nm Aurora C6 rated at over 500mW with Aixiz glass. He said it would probably go up to 600mW with a 405-G-1 but from what I read the divergence is worse with that lens so I think I'll just stick with the Aixiz glass. Departing from his...
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    New 2.1 Watt LPM out

    Searching through a well know online auction site I found a new version of the LaserBee I laser power meter called the LaserBee 1-X and goes up to 2.1 Watts. It isn't even listed on the J. Bauer Electronics site yet. It might be the ticket for somebody who doesn't want to wait and might want to...
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    Yob 650nm Aurora C6 260mW

    Recently I acquired a yob built 650nm, 260mW, Aurora C6. It's powered by 2 CR123A Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. It is typical yobresal quality. Power output as measured on my LaserBee II with a pair of Juice brand CR123A batteries is 260mW with the supplied acrylic lens. Running on one...
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    Laser wall writing

    Writing your name on the wall with a laser pointer by hand in the dark with no reference points and trying to beat the camera shutter is tougher than it looks!
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    LaserBee II LPM

    I recently purchased a LaserBee II Standard LPM from J. Bauer Electronics. I must say that Jerry believes in customer service. He was prompt in answering questions and very helpful. It took about a week for the package to be delivered. Not bad considering it had to go through customs. In the...
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    Online Color Challenge - How well do you see color?

    How well do you see color? Click this link to take the test. see how well you do compared to other people of your age group and gender. I surprised myself and got a perfect score! Not bad for old eyes.
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    What do you do with your $9 ebay 405nm laser?

    I'm curious to see how many different ways these pens are used. Being near ultra violet and a hand held black light, do you use yours for any practical purpose or is it just for amusement? :thinking:
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    Please help me get the modules out of...

    these hosts. One is a AAA size and the other a AA size. Both greenies are dead. The AA host would have more current capacity for a higher power module. Neither host look like they have enough thread to grab onto to pull the module out. Ideas would be appreciated to get these pens back lasing...