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  1. CurtisOliver

    Post your cool stuff you own in your home

    Hi guys, In a time of gloom I thought it might be a decent change to talk and share our 'coolest' possessions. It can be absolutely anything, from lasers or signed memorabilia to the weird and unexpected. If it is 'cool' to you post it. Hopefully this can grow into a fascinating thread and act...
  2. CurtisOliver

    493nm: My first build - 3D printed host

    Hi everyone, it’s about time I finally post a build on here after all these years. It is the first time I have ever completed a portable before. I have contemplated portables before but never got round to it. I tend to stick with wiring power adaptors on usually because I love the run times and...
  3. CurtisOliver

    Happy New Year!!! LPF 2020

    I want to wish everyone on LPF a Happy New Year and a great start to the new decade. :) May we receive many new diodes before the decade is out. Happy Lasing in 2020!
  4. CurtisOliver

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    I was in two minds on whether this thread was a good idea to create. But as i'm seeing members here getting into political arguments and other debates on various threads. I thought it would be a good idea to create a platform to do so, without clogging up the forum. However I will put some basic...
  5. CurtisOliver

    Random request: Help calculate the minimum power density needed to pop a black balloon

    As the thread title suggests, I am asking for those with a bit of spare time on their hands to help me out with a fun little problem. I'm not going to give away the reason why yet, but I appreciate it is a random request. These are the conditions: The laser/s used must be LPM'd The laser must...
  6. CurtisOliver

    CNI MGL-W-532 4W DPSS Laser

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a new edition to my laser collection. And its a big one, and it's courtesy of Chris (Alaskan). I wanted this laser a few years back when I first saw it listed on eBay. Unfortunately it never happened, firstly because Chris's circumstance had changed, and...
  7. CurtisOliver

    Need help with PSU for CNI MGL-W-532

    I recently obtained a CNI unit, but I need clarification on the allowed input ac voltage. On the back there is no specs plate, product/serial numbers etc. But someone has taped on it 110v. Inside the psu there is a rectifier that says it allows 85-264v. Long story short, I need to run it on...
  8. CurtisOliver

    WARNING: To those with Nvidia GPU’s

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to put a serious warning out there to any about to update their nvidia drivers. I went to update mine like normal and it failed. I then proceeded to try again and it worked. Then the real fun began. I’ve gone from having no GPU stats, to getting the stats back, to...
  9. CurtisOliver


    Hi everyone, just a general question. I am just wondering if anyone here has a Skrill account?
  10. CurtisOliver

    Happy New Year LPF! 2019

    Just a quick thread to wish everyone on LPF a happy and prosperous new year. I still have over 5 hours to go, but I know the Aussies are already in 2019. So Happy New Year LPF and thanks to everyone for making this forum great. May this continue into 2019 and beyond. :) (y)
  11. CurtisOliver

    Waterproof 492nm Laser (488T-60-F-W-18650-XL)

    Well my 488nm pointer arrived a while back and I tested it today and I was very happy with it I have to say. :) It has to be my new favourite part of the spectrum for sure. Mine has a bit of green in it too, but not much. It is mostly pure cyan with a green tinge at certain angles. I would place...
  12. CurtisOliver

    Got Bored - New LPF logo

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests I got a little bored, so in my spare time I for some reason decided to make an updated version of the LPF logo. I was only playing around originally but the result didn't turn out too bad so I thought I'd share it with you. The major change is that this logo is...
  13. CurtisOliver

    Need help compiling list of current useful resources.

    Hi everyone, As some of you may be aware, I am currently constructing a website atm. But I was wondering if anyone could share any resources they have found particularly useful for assisting with the hobby. It can be of many formats, but it has to be able to be linked to and be able to be...
  14. CurtisOliver

    Updated: The Wavelength Thread

    I've been working on a comprehensive list of various visible wavelengths. Mainly because I was interested to find out visually how much of the visible spectrum has been covered. In particular by diodes. I did search the forum and found that there was a thread that existed already. So I just...
  15. CurtisOliver

    Room temperature Orange Laser Diodes

    Only a brief article but worth sharing I thought. Orange laser diodes are becoming a reality at room temperature using AlGaInP. Won't be long and we'll be seeing true yellow laser diodes also. I wonder how long it will be before companies like Sharp get their hands on these? Anyway, the...
  16. CurtisOliver

    Scientists want to turn your eyes into lasers

    I just thought I'd share this: https://www.cnet.com/news/scientists-want-to-turn-your-eyes-into-lasers/ We spend so much time preventing lasers getting into our eyes, and now we want to mount lasers on them. :tinfoil: Could be interesting though. May lead to other uses.
  17. CurtisOliver

    New: Laser Laws (UK) - 20th December 2017

    For anyone in the UK, especially new members. This guide can be important for those who are not in the UK too, but the laws are only based on British legislation. The government has imposed new laws regarding the use of lasers that put simply protect anything that needs driver/pilot attention...
  18. CurtisOliver

    Laser Photography Preservation Gallery: Pic Heavy

    Hi everyone, I decided to make this thread to serve as an effort to restore and preserve some of the great laser photography we have had on here. Since Photobucket (sorry I swore. :shhh:) has decided to do what they have done, we have lost valuable media assets here. So I am making this thread...
  19. CurtisOliver

    CNI MGL-H-50 593.5nm 50mW

    Hi Guys, as promised I'll share with you some quick photos of that 593.5nm unit I scored on eBay. It arrived safely from Russia and is is great working order. Can't believe I now own a 50mW 593.5nm lab unit to add to my collection. :) I will try to get some beamshots after Christmas when I will...
  20. CurtisOliver

    Hurricane Ophelia

    Hi, just wanted to create this thread to wish any other UK and Ireland members the best of luck with Ophelia. Also thought it would be worth mentioning as Ophelia has just hit the record books and is attracting attention for multiple reasons. 1) Ophelia is the 10th major hurricane this season...