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  1. Benm

    Emisar D1s

    While not a laser, i'd like to give this light quick review here, since i'm quite imrpessed for it, especially since it was only $37 shipped (from https://intl-outdoor.com/emisar-d1s-thrower-p-926.html). I got the black version with the cool white LED. Here are some images of it, with a MXDL...
  2. Benm

    Where to buy good 18650s in EU/netherlands?

    I'm looking to buy some decent quality cells, preferably from a seller in western europe so that they can be shipped over land avoiding any restrictions on air mail of these things. Do you know of any reputable vendors around these parts that charge reasonable rates for products and shipping...
  3. Benm

    Affordable long-throw flashlight?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get an affordable (<<$100) flashlight that can produce a lot of light in a tight spot at a fair distance (say 200 meters or so). Requirements are otherwise pretty limited: 18650 batteries would be preferred, if possible no more than 2. Runtime is not really important...
  4. Benm

    Toothbrushes - what do you use?

    As the battery in my existing oral b sonic brush died recently, i've purchased a new one that seems quite a bit different but seems to work quite well. What do you guys use?
  5. Benm

    Bricked? phone: Moto E 2nd gen

    The oddest thing happened to my phone today: it was being slow and all, so i tried to reboot the phone, just from the normal power-off menu option. After that it rebooted and got stuck on the cyan-on-white motorola logo page. It stays on that indefinitely. Then i rebooted it with power +...
  6. Benm

    Good external drive for backups, but rarely used.

    I'm looking to buy an external (usb) drive to store some backups once in a while, but actually use rarely (perhaps weekly to monthly to store a backup, hopefully never or only once to recover one). I only need it for fairly critical data so it need not be very large (100 GB woud suffice, 200...
  7. Benm

    Any members on Bali, in Bangkok or on Phuket/Lanta/around?

    Just curious: Are there any people from above areas active in LPF? Looks like i'll be travelling around SE asia in februari or thereabouts, could be interesting to meet up for a beer and such. I'm not sure on final travel plans yet, but perhaps i'll also make a stop in malaysia (probably KL)...
  8. Benm

    Any good 15270 batteries on ebay or elsewhere for sale?

    Quick question: Do any of you have suggestions for vendors that sell reasonable quality 15270 rechargable cells? Problem is i have a couple of them that were destroyed due to over-discharge in a small laser i lended to someone, and they are beyond repair by now (have been sitting flat for...
  9. Benm

    LED strips with very monochromatic lights

    I got this led strip some time ago: WS2811 RGB LED Strip Light Addressable Digital Tube DC5V 30LED M White Black US | eBay Putting it to use it found it very difficult to get a warm white light out of it. Regardless of how i tweaked the balance between red, green and blue it never got to a...
  10. Benm

    Looking for small TEC/peltier elements

    Does anyone know a good source for relatively small peltier thermoelectric units, something in the order of 15x15 to 25x25 mm? I want some affordable ones that are consistent with eachother for LPM purposes, preferably widely available to make a project that can be reproduced by others. Most...
  11. Benm

    DPSS blue on DX?

    Just curious, do any of you know what type of laser this is: 470nm Blue Laser Pointer w/ Clip - Black (1 x 18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme Specifications are very vague as usual, but it states 3200 mA power consumption. Could this possibly be a 473 DPSS, for only 10 euros?
  12. Benm

    Portal's 'Still Alive' Played by Fiber Laser

    Portal's 'Still Alive' Played by Fiber Laser - YouTube I'll have one of those lasers, please :)
  13. Benm

    Forget cats, get fish!

    ... seem to be doing fine chasing laser dots too :) Puffer fish chases laser - YouTube!
  14. Benm

    A dude with a tesla coil on his head.

    Seriously.. dumpert.nl - Tesla Coil pet :D
  15. Benm

    445 prism pair correction - images

    GBD was kind enough to provide me with a prism pair, and today i had my first attempt at correcting the 445 beam with them - see pictures attached. These tests were all taken at limited power (500 mA diode current) to minimize the risk of back reflections ending up in the wrong places -...
  16. Benm

    Surge protector fail..

    During a thunderstorm we were discussing the use of surge protectors here... as there would be little use in talking about them further before seeing whats inside, i opened a cheap one, and found whats in the picture. Sure, there is a MOV in there, but its connected after a flimsy fuse (cant...
  17. Benm

    Humans fire laser to sky, sky responds with lightning

    Short Sharp Science: Humans fire laser to sky, sky responds with lightning Perhaps thats a good way to stop those kids from pointing lasers around :D .. not that it would actually work with an ordinary red laser, but thats just a technicality, right?
  18. Benm

    Bangkok laser perils...

    I am travelling in asia a bit at the moment... and found something pretty worrysome in bangkok: Street vendors are selling those 'kaleidoscopic' 50 mW-ish pointers on the street for $10-ish, and there seems to be quite a demand for them. Many tourists find out that the grating comes off quite...
  19. Benm

    Greek protestors laser journalist/camera

    Just to give you an idea what it looks like: www.dumpert.nl - Belgische journalist wordt gepest met lasers in Griekenland A bunch of people shine green lasers (of unknown power) towards a belgian TV reporter in Athens. Despite the considerable distance at some points it completely...
  20. Benm

    Hispeed Matchlight

    I just got a camera that can shoot up to 240 fps.. probably plenty of stuff to do with that, but lets start with the classical laser and match :) fKv8sbzlbA8