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  1. whitewhidow

    PHR-803 & RCKSTR driver question

    Ok, i got my parts in, for my first simple build, using a hotlight, PHR-803, and a rckstr driver. Now my question is, how exactly do i hook these up ? Here is how i am assuming this would work? I solder the case pin to the negative pin? Then attach the LD's + to the drivers outgoing +...
  2. whitewhidow

    5mw 532nm Laser pointer safety distances

    I dont think this is a repost (excuse me if it is..) And i obviously cant verify the information, so i figured 'd post it here.
  3. whitewhidow

    Can u spare a few minutes? An investment in the future

    Hi there all, I will try an make a long story short. After a few threads, i have decided to make an auction/buy now site, aimed at lasers, parts, accessories, tools, and anything else laser related. the "end" result: is this : LaserSale - Source for Lasers, Parts, Accessories And Tools Now...
  4. whitewhidow

    how long to offload 100x 18650 protected 2600mah

    If i get 100 of these, then i can get them pretty cheap, how long would it take to offload these u think. Also, what is the going rate for these, what are people asking for them? I think its about $9-$11 a piece or something ? Im thinking of getting a lot of 100, but wuold have to know i...
  5. whitewhidow

    DealExtreme LIVE support seems DEAD

    I had a question for DX, so i decided to use their LIVE support feature. Below is the transcript: 08:46:09 PM [sam] cannot get tracking to work on the chinese website ?? 08:46:48 PM [sam] hello? 08:51:39 PM [sam] whyis my tracking number not working, also, why does your site say shipped...
  6. whitewhidow

    Laser Oriented Classified Ads

    My Previous thread got shut down: http://laserpointerforums.com/f59/would-like-make-ebay-clone-lpf-oriented-66510-2.html Altough i dont see why it had to be closed, we could defenantly discuss this further, abandoning any ideas that would violate TOS. I still dont see the reasoning behind...
  7. whitewhidow

    SLOWMO: insect taken out by 405?

    Yo guys, i found this crazy gif, check it out: See how the laser instantly vaporizes his wing, leaving just the tip of it..
  8. whitewhidow

    another laserbee on ebay: 82 EURO

    LASERBEE I 1W LASER METER WITH DATA LOGGING SOFTWARE | eBay it has a buy now option.. just thought i'd post it here. as im assuming the price is lower then buying a new one.. If i had the money atm, i'd buy it myself.
  9. whitewhidow

    tritium vial prices?

    Hi there, what is the goign rate for tritium vials, i found a company that produces the vails, (with ot without the body around it)(i heard they are hard to get, just the vails) they only have greens and blues at prices that seem pretty good.., but i dont know the going rate for these..? 6mm...
  10. whitewhidow

    would like to make an ebay-clone, LPF oriented.

    Hi there all. Im a php developer, and was thinking, what if i build an ebay-like kind of site, wich is "linked" to lpf People like yob, jayrob, etc, would have an extra place to put their stuff, We could have it so that members can login using their lpf login, REP's could be scraped from...
  11. whitewhidow

    will this diy driver work for this diode?

    Hi there, i found these diagrams here: Will i be able to use this to power this diode: PHR-805 HD diode OEM 405nm !!! HIGH POWER !! [PHR805] - $16.99 : StoneTek Electronics, Your Laser Parts Store this driver should put out 125mA, wich would bring the diode to about 130mw is this correct...
  12. whitewhidow

    looking for drivers+405nm diodes+modules+hosts, all in 1 place

    Hi there, so im looking for drivers+405nm diodes+modules+hosts, all in 1 place, I just dont want to get them all form different people/stores, and have to pay shipping 4 times, wait for 4 packages etc. is there any webshop that actually sells diodes AND modules AND drivers AND hosts? (i could...
  13. whitewhidow

    Few things im not sure of, please advise

    Hi there, i have a few questions. I am pretty new to the whole laser stuff, and here is the way i see it (tell me if im wrong) U get a diode, put it in a module, attach a driver(or is it the other way round?) check the diodes graph (what if i dont have one?), and set the driver to the...
  14. whitewhidow

    on ebay: Laserbee 1 - 1W Laser Power Meter, enclosed w/ AC PS

    Hey guys, i saw this on ebay : Laserbee 1 - 1W Laser Power Meter, enclosed w/ AC PS | eBay Tought i'd post this here as it seemed like a good deal, ofcourse me beeing a noob i could be wrong? Or am i?
  15. whitewhidow

    WTB: parts for blue laser builds

    Hi there, Heres the story, me and my buddy, have gotten into the whole laser thing, and we want to build some lasers of our own, first of all, to get a feel of how everything works etc, secondly, to use them ourselves, third, to sell them afterwards. So, what would we need ? Im assuming...
  16. whitewhidow

    WTB: 445nm and 532nm glasses

    Hi, im looking for some "cheap" 445nm and 532nm glasses. Anyone that can hook me up, shipping is to belgium. Thanks in advance guys.
  17. whitewhidow

    Anyone have this laser?

    www.rayfoss.com Does anyone have this one, is it close to spec? Any other pro and/or cons i should know of? Is it worth the money?, is it a good buy? Would u purchase this one, or the one below (red one)? New Style waterproof red laser 200mW /adjustable [OLNWRL200] - $55.99 : Welcome to...
  18. whitewhidow

    Laser newbie, question about batteries

    Hi all, sorry to be a noob, as this might be a stupid question... I bought a green laser recently (2 days ago), wich is supposed to be a 200mw unit The unit looks just like those DS Laser 303 ones, but (if im not mistaking, its in the car right now so i cant check), it just sais, Laser 303...