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  1. extelon

    CLOSED * GB for OEM Laser Systems protective eyewear

    Hey guys! I contacted OEM and Tony has been talking to us about a great group buy: Some options for 445nm. (not recommending any in particular) The lower VLT the less visible light let through. Like darker sunglasses. » AL3 - VLT:19% - OD5+ (180-395nm), OD3+ (395-540nm) » KTI - VLT:23% -...
  2. extelon

    Battery advice

    I am fairly new at this and need some advice on batteries. I am purchasing an 18650 and Pocket Mini host from jayrob and I'm not sure what batteries to buy. I will be putting a 445nm diode in the 18650 host and a PHR or 6x 405 in the Pocket Mini. I see the 18650 host can take a single 18650...
  3. extelon

    First laser ... Nova x125

    It took me forever to finally decide which laser to get.  I was originally going to get one from WickedLasers, but after visiting this forum I changed my mind pretty fast.  I wanted an small green laser with descent power.  So I decided on the Nova X125 with the X-series key switch.  I didn't...