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  1. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Feeler: 532nm 532mW CNI Labby

    Whelp I am thinking of letting go of my pride and joy, along with some other lasers as I need the money and don't get as much use or enjoyment out of lasers as I used to. The laser is an extremely stable 530-540mW usually 532mW oddly enough. 532nm CNI MGL (Labby). Peaks anywhere from 550mW up...
  2. Don't Laze Me Bro

    So I went Crayfish-Fishing and.......

    Well I went to a local pond and caught two crayfish to put in my fish tank... When I got them home I put them in a small holding tank to get them used to the water temperature slowly and one of them just so happened to have had babies... She spewed mini crayfish all over my holding tank! I guess...
  3. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Olight SR90 Intimidator

    I purchased an Olight SR90 Intimidator a few months ago, so here we go! Well I know its not a laser, but many laser lovers also enjoy the subtle beauty of a bright LED flashlight too. I bought the SR90 from a seller on Amazon, price was $375.98 shipped! I had a rather large gift card so that...
  4. Don't Laze Me Bro

    BLUE BLUE BLUE! (445, 473, 488nm)

    Well I fired up my new 1Kw fogger and figured some BLUE shots would be nice! Here we go! 488nm SL argon @ idle: 488nm SL argon @ MAX current on light mode (~28mW) 488nm SL argon @ MAX current on Current Local mode (>70mW) And then we have (from left to right) Argon @ 50mW 488nm -...
  5. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Do we have any "Jelli" users here?

    Hey guys, I've somewhat recently fallen in love with Jelli user controlled radio. Its like pandora, but it has a few stations with different libraries and each one of them will actually go LIVE on radio stations throughout the US at different times of the day / week. Basically you make an...
  6. Don't Laze Me Bro

    FS: Pontiacg5 heat sink, flash paper RTS, Kryton GROOVE chrome

    Hey, I am thinking of maybe selling my Kryton to help me fund my 589nm laser purchase, but at the moment its a "feeler" to see what I'd get for it.(there is a few scratches, nothing too bad) Here are some pics! And here is the "labby" heatsink, I believe I paid $35 for this a long time...
  7. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Highly polished Kryton Barrel!

    Well I've had this barrel for a few months, and still don't have parts to make it into a laser.... so I figured, why not polish the sh:)t out of it so it looks epic? Before: After: And the entire host: What do you guys think? :) -Dustin
  8. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Smooth sailing with rhildinger!

    Transaction went smooth, and everything was as he said it was in the sale. He is honest, and a pleasure to do business with. Wouldn't hesitate to do it again in the future, he takes excellent care of his items :beer: -Dustin
  9. Don't Laze Me Bro

    For Sale: Black Magic

    Hey guys, I am selling some stuff for your enjoyment ;) They are SINGLE SHEETS of 8.5 by 9 inch Black Magic flash paper! What is it? Well... its an 8.5 by 9inch sheet of BLACK flash paper! What does it cost? $3.75 each. What does it do? Watch this video! and here is a pic of what you...
  10. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Flash paper demonstration (multi colors)

    Well here are a few vids of flash paper that i purchase in my group buys I may be able to get us some of the colored in round two! 0UsiBqF96ZM and all the colors: Pkwik8k_cjs thanks for checking this out! -Dustin
  11. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Daguin: He has done it again :)

    Well, I bought an argon laser from Dave and just wanted to let you all know that Dave has yet again gone far above the call of duty or so-to-say. The laser is even better than expected, and he answered all my questions (there were many) and helped me get my hands on my first gas laser. Business...
  12. Don't Laze Me Bro

    473nm labby PSU dressed up!

    Well I decided to give that PSU a little more cooling, and make it look good too! Take a look and lemme know what you think :) Each fan and the actual driver have their own switch so any combination of them can be run at same time. thanks for looking! -Dustin
  13. Don't Laze Me Bro


    ORDER PLACED July 14th RECEIVED ORDER! Okay guys. I will be shipping out everything Monday or Tuesday depending on how fast I can get to the PO after a doctors appointment Monday morning, everything is packaged, labeled, and ready to go! Hey everyone! Sadly this will have to be for US people...
  14. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Who would have imagined... BURNING 473 for $45.EDIT: NOW WITH EXTREME COOLING!

    Well, here you have it. Just like the title says, I bought one of those <10mW bad 473nm labbies to see 473 figuring it was my only chance and look what I scored for $35. and last but not least a video! Watch this and enjoy. :whistle: IMG_1719.mp4 video by d350 - Photobucket And now, I've...
  15. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Review: CNI MGL-III-400 (lab laser)

    Hello all! I've been waiting for a while to make this review as I was not sure that the laser would last given my previous luck with CNI. Before reviewing, I would like to state that I got this unit from CNI in a trade of my dead PGL 400 after talking with them about all the bad units I've...
  16. Don't Laze Me Bro

    An answer to the WL sith, 532nm!!!!!

    Well, we all know that was a very dumb move by WL, but I figure why not have a lil fun with it eh? :) Here is my very own, home grown version in 532nm flavor :D It sure is beastly >450mW out the blue LED side and 350 out the red LED side ;) enjoy :na: -Dustin
  17. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Modifying a Hercules/Titan to run off 18650

    Well, the cost of D cell batteries KILLS my wallet, so I decided to see about making it run off 18650 as I have lots of those :) I took one of those single cell 18650 chargers I had that didn't work right and opened it up. From there I de-soldered the existing cord. I then found an old 9V wall...
  18. Don't Laze Me Bro

    WTB BROKEN Viasho/RPL handheld of any color!

    Hey all, just as the topic says. I need one with is expander lens IN TACT and in perfect condition! Lemme know what you got! -Dustin
  19. Don't Laze Me Bro

    DISPUTE Trever22

    I am posting this because of problems with seller Trever22. I'm sure you all can recall his sales thread where he needed money desperately? I bought the crosman c11 from that thread, and he claims to have never gotten the money. I literally had NO choice in the matter, and had to send cash...
  20. Don't Laze Me Bro

    Rasel A++ seller!

    Bought a Viasho from user name Rasel, and I'd like to say that he is a GREAT seller! Shipping was FAST (despite USPS messing about with tracking) and the item was PERFECT! I would do business with him ANY TIME and would suggest it to anyone! Was truly a pleasure! :tinfoil: