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  1. weidmark

    Selling all my stuff. BIG BUNDLE. Laser parts, LPM

    Take everything (minus the built laser and batteries) for $500. Take everything (minus the built laser and batteries and LPM) for $300 I will split the shipping with you Hi, I will be selling off all my stuff to help fund other interested. All prices in USD. Please add shipping to all...
  2. weidmark

    2.1W 445 saik w/ 2 batteries

    Hi just built a new 445. Host is the saik. uses 2 of lazerer's boost drivers set at 900ma each. diode is a m140. comes with a 3 element lens. This test was with a G2 lens. The laser will be shipped to you with a 3 element lens. The laser does between 1.6w and 1.7w with the 3 element...
  3. weidmark

    FS 1.7W 445nm

    SOLD Hi, For sale is a big 445. Huge heatsink (picture below compares it to a C6 heatsink), 3 element lens (which does 1.7W), with a G-2 you will see over 2W ,MI40 diode, and an Xdrive set at 1.8A. 3 element lens AFBjVXBjXfM Selling for $180, add shipping to your location.
  4. weidmark

    FS two flashlights 7g5 v2 and king

    Hi, I have way too many lights so I am selling a couple more off. Both of these lights are in perfect condition. First is a thrower with a nice deep reflector, the Crelant 7G5v2. Has a U2 CW LED and can be run off either one or two 18650s. Comes with the extension tube and will be shipped in...
  5. weidmark

    FS jayrob 1000lumen Maglight

    SOLD Hi, I'm selling my Maglight 2D which I purchased from jayrob. I have no need for something this bright with this long a runtime anymore and find myself reaching for a smaller light instead. This one has the battery voltage indicator installed so you know when you are running out of...
  6. weidmark

    FS 1.7W/2W 445nm

    Hi, Selling a big laser I just built. Huge heatsink (see picture below comparing to a C6 heatsink), MI40 diode, 3 element lens (which gets 1.7W), will do over 2W with a G-2, and an Xdrive set at 1.8A. test with 3 element lens AFBjVXBjXfM Price is $240CAD plus actual shipping. I only...
  7. weidmark

    Fs 1.3w/1.6w sh-032

    SOLD For sale is a 445nm in an SH-032 host. MI40, flexdrive set at 1.4A, 3 element lens. With a G-2 you should get around 20% more power (~1.6W) Test with 3 element Fbkp16Xie5k&feature=g-crec-u Price is $160 + shipping. Will ship to US or Canada.
  8. weidmark

    FS Flexdrive V5s - 3 left

    Hi have 3 Flexdrive V5s available. Brand new. Price each is 26USD plus actual shipping If you want current set and leads attached price is 32USD plus actual shipping.
  9. weidmark

    FS 1.7W/2W Cree C6 $160

    SOLD Hi, Selling a 445 here. Cree C6 host, MI40, Aixiz lens, Mohgasm driver. This comes with an Aixiz lens and will do 1.8W as it comes to you. You will get over 2W with the g1 or g2. Its a pretty common host so I wont post pics. If you dont know what it looks like, you can see it here...
  10. weidmark

    FS 1.5W/1.7W Aurora SS SH-032

    sold Hi, I have for sale a 445nm laser. It is an SH-032 host, flexdrive set to 1.4A, MI40, and Aixiz lens. The laser will do 1.5W as it comes to you. If you add a G-1 or G-2 you will get over 1.7W. Here is a LPM test with the G-1. mxOM7WfBiaY Price $200CAD plus shipping. I will...
  11. weidmark

    FOG pictures... a few lasers and flashlights

    Had a decent amount of fog tonight so I decided to take a few pics of a few lights and lasers Here are the subjects. Left to right they are: DL Viper (which does around 20mW), olike red cute (around 250mW), Dereelight DBS V3 XR-E with aspheric head, Jayrob's XM-L T6 2Dmaglight, eBay 75w HID...
  12. weidmark

    FS 1.7w 445nm saik $200

    SOLD Hi, Selling a 1.7w 445nm saik. Built with an m140, two boost drivers at 900mah each, and an AR coated aixiz lens. Below are some pictures and a video of the laser igniting plain white printer paper. The laser hits over 2W when using a g1/g2 lens. Looking for $200CAD plus shipping. I...
  13. weidmark

    FS: 2W saik $200

    Hi, Just built this 2W saik. Built with m140 and 2 flexdrives (at 900mA each). NOTE: It does 2W with a G-1 lens... price is with aixix lens. You can run this for 5 mins without any issues due to the huge heatsink I will only ship within N. America. Take off $10 if you pay with EMT...
  14. weidmark

    FS - couple of 2W 445s

    THESE LASERS ARE NOT YET BUILT. I have materials for a couple of 445s in the saik host. These will be made with the saik, 2 flexdrives (total 1800ma), aixix glass lens, and efficient m140 diode. I expect the diodes I have to be able to hit over 2W with a g-2 however in the off chance they...
  15. weidmark

    Guidesman build kit.

    Hi, I have an extra guidesman host im not going to use. It is a black guidesman. It has a flexdrive (set at 1.4A IIRC) which is thermal adhesived to a coin. All you need to complete the build is a diode in a module and a glass lens. Could have a 1.3w-1.6w build for around $115. Looking...
  16. weidmark

    FS: 1.8W/2W 445nm SAIK

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Hi, Just got this laser built. It is using 2 flexdrives set at 900ish mA. and one of Flaminpyro's cherry picked m140 diodes which puts out almost 2.1W with a G-1. Comes with the AixiZ lens. This laser is focusable. Here is a size comparison of the saik HS vs...
  17. weidmark

    FS: 1.3W 445nm hotlights $140

    THIS IS SOLD Hi, Just put together one of the old blue hotlights. Uses a flexdrive set at 1.4A and an a140 diode. The driver is heatsinked to a coin for a better runtimes. This laser runs off an 18650 battery (a 22600 battery can also be used) and is focusable. This laser will be sold with...
  18. weidmark

    Make the veteren's section for users with 1000 posts or 1 year active?

    Hi, I was always wondering why the veteren's section was based on a post count instead of on a time active basis. I have seen some memebers on the forums will a couple months of activity and over a thousand posts and they still don't seem to know what they are talking about. I have been...
  19. weidmark

    FS 1.3w 445nm guidesman

    Selling this guidesman I put together today. Made with a flexrive v5 set at 1400mA which was heatsinked to a piece of aluminum, aI40 diode, and an AixiZ lens. Does 1.3w with the aixiz lens and will do 1.5w if you have a g-1. This laser uses a a 18650 battery but has been confirmed to be able...
  20. weidmark


    Went off topic... was more curiosity