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  1. J

    Green laser shoe :D

    Lol, playing around with my X105 and thought this was pretty cool:
  2. J

    Can Lasers Cause Cancer?

    What title says.. if lasers are pointed at your skin, can you get skin cancer or something later on?
  3. J

    Are these good batteries?

    http://www.all-battery.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=576 Anybody had any experience with these? Better than Eneloops?
  4. J

    Second X-105 :D

    Got a second X-105 today :D First: 126.8mW Peak/122.7mW average Second: 114.6mW Peak/110.5mW average
  5. J

    Burning close bad for laser?

    I was just wondering, if I'm burning like a garbage bag or something with the laser touching the bag and burning, would the light reflection off the bag damage the laser? Thanks
  6. J

    Got my X105 NOVALaser today! :D

    I got my X105 today :D Haven't played around with it too much yet because its so bright and I don't have any shades lol. Here are my specs and some pics of the laser.. check out the peak and average!! Also I would like to give a big thanks to LarryQ for all his help!! Thanks man!!
  7. J

    Can anybody here do me a favor?

    Can anybody here do me a big favor please? I want to order an X105 but NovaLasers doesn't take paypal for the payment, and I don't have a credit card. Is it possible for me to paypal $250 to a member here for an X105+case/novapoints + TNT shipping and have them buy it with their credit card? If...
  8. J

    Buying X105

    I'm thinking about buying an X105 within the next day or so. Is there anything I should know before I order? Is the case and the lightyear points worth the extra $20? Does it come with any of those liquid sky optics or anything? Thanks
  9. J

    WickedLasers Search Scam

    Lol, I love how when you type Nova lasers or Dragon lasers into Google, the sponsored Wicked Lasers link is the first to come up but with the Nova lasers/Dragon lasers as the title description :p
  10. J

    Quality 5mW vs TrueDX30

    Hi, I recently bought a true DX30mW green laser and its pretty much dead ATM and is on RMA. I saw a thread here on the Wicked Laser Core 5mW, would this be better/brighter than the DX30mW? I know DX's lasers don't always shine at what their rated mW is so should I buy a Core? Its currently on...