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    Radioshack collection

    Thought someone might get a kick out of the fact that I found all of these brand new online recently (except the bottom. Bought it used and broken). But I couldn't resist as a fan of laser pointers. I would love to take them apart and upgrade the diode but they seem tough to take apart without...
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    New Leadlight Pointer Build

    Just finished my first 2 laser builds. I used a 488nm (55mW) and a 520nm (80mW) and both are powered with AAA batteries. They are perfect for general pointing and relatively eye safe (assuming you don't catch a direct reflection) and I think these pens are hands-down the coolest host for a laser...
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    Where to buy "Danger" Stickers

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy the silver "Danger" Stickers that you see on laser pointers. I have many with no labels and many with incorrect labels. Honestly I like the look of them, especially on smaller pens. If anyone has a source, please let me know! Thanks...
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    1.5 Watt accident

    Hello, First of all, I know you guys aren't medical professionals, but I'm looking for some insight until Monday when eye doctors are open. I recently purchased a 1.5W laser using the NDB7875 module. I ordered glasses at the same time, but they did not show up before the laser did. I didn't...