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  1. J


    Re:  BRAND NEW APPLE IPHONE 8GB AT JUST.....$ On most forums, a thread like this is considered spam..
  2. J

    My Lasers Photo

    Nice collection :D
  3. J

    lots of RGB photos

    Wow, thats cool :D
  4. J

    DX100mW Red Module - Mini-Review

    That sounds easy enough :D I really want one of those lab type lasers :)
  5. J

    DX100mW Red Module - Mini-Review

    Don't mean to hijack thread.. but would it be possible to switch out the diode with maybe a 16x 200mW+ one?
  6. J

    What will these safety glasses save me from?

    I wouldn't be so sure :)
  7. J

    x105 battery life

    Duracell batteries are horrible for the X-105. When I got my X-105 and used fresh Duracells I couldn't light a match or anything. Then I popped in some Eneloops and now the laser is working wonderfully. I used regular Duracells by the way, not Ultras.
  8. J

    Green Lasers at Radio Shack

    Haha. When they talk about how bad your X-105 is, burn their arm and then when they try to burn you with their RS laser, you laugh :D
  9. J

    Are there laws governing use of lasers?

    Laserglow claims all of their lasers are 100% legal in the US. Is that true? http://www.laserglow.com/index.php?regulations
  10. J

    100mw red $37.54 and 35mw green $59.99 dx modules

    Re: 100mw red $37.54 and 35mw green $59.99 dx modu Can't you build yourself a 200-250mW red laser for like around $50? :p
  11. J

    I'm not impressed !!!!!!!!!! Update

    Re: I'm not impressed !!!!!!!!!! Make sure your running a 64-bit operating system or else the 4GB RAM won't be recognized.
  12. J

    best way to add an IR filter?

    My true DX30 worked pretty nicely... for a week. Then it died and couldn't output more than 5mW lol.
  13. J

    Just ordered my X105 with case and stuff

    My two X105s both came in 2 days with TNT :D They have speedy service.
  14. J

    ARE YOU READY!!!!!

    Same... I have to hop over to Pennsylvania if I want some big boomers.
  15. J

    The END of DX LED flashlight Declerations??

    I got my pack of matches today and it still said LED Flashlight.
  16. J

    LPF VIP Membership

    A lifetime fee sounds good with me. I'll pay <$20 for lifetime VIP :D I already got a PC hardware/PC gaming forum home, now I need a laser home :p
  17. J

    A PC Question

    Yep, clock speeds are no longer everything. A Core 2 Duo doing 12 flOPs per clock @ 2.4GHz will smoke a Pentium4 doing 6flOPs @ 3.2Ghz. So technically, a C2D is twice as fast as a P4 at the same speeds. Not to mention the enormous amount of L2 cache the C2D chips have that can speed up memory...
  18. J

    Green laser shoe :D

    Lol, it would be awesome if it would just glow like that without a laser ;D
  19. J

    duty cycle of 5mW greens

    5mW gives off very minimal amounts of heat. I doubt there be any real duty time. Just don't hold it down for like 5 hours in a row or something :p
  20. J

    Received my Nova X-105

    Very nice :D Just out of curiosity, what batteries are you using?