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    1.6W Laser Video

    Finally after a few weeks, I got all the videos I wanted and here they are: video
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    Created a video, burning a match and comparing the LASERs
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    Any 1w diodes?

    does anyone know any 1w laser diodes???
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    First Laser

    Built the driver myself Thank you to LuxorLasers147
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    My Laser Driver Circuit!

    Still unsure what voltage battery i should use.
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    Help with capacitors and Battery voltage?

    So i think i should add a capacitor to my laser in case of voltage spikes. However i really dont know which one i need. I am going to power a 50mw laser with lm317 (i also want to know what volatge should the battery be???). Will a 25v 10uF capcitor be appropriate???
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    Does Anyone know where i can get survival lasers goggles in the UK?

    So i am going to buy a pair of eagle pair survival laser goggles. However i live in the UK and shipping to me cost £11 ($15) which is quite alot. I would like to know if there is anywhere for me to buy this laser goggles in the UK without me have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for...
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    How do i know what resistor i need?

    So to build my driver i am going to use a LM317 and i also need a resistor to connect adjust and Vout however i am unsure how to calculate what resistor i need btw i am using a 50mw 405nm laser diode.
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    First Post, just need some help

    So for my first laser i just want to build a simple <100mw laser and i would also like to build the driver as well because making one without a driver is too easy. Anyway I'm looking for a laser diode in this range however all the listing on ebay (for me) usually have drivers included unless...