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    Step down circuit for laser control, help me to improve it.

    Hello there, I would really appreciate any advice, constructive idea or anything that could be improve on this circuit, it's design for a 4.5A laser diode. Thanks for your help.
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    How can I identify this laser diode?

    How can I know about the laser power input and output, impedance, model, etc about this diode; I don't have a start point, books, articules, any information is useful. Thanks.
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    Nichia NUBM44-V2 laser diode datasheet, where I can find it?

    Hello there, where I can find the Nichia NUBM44-V2 datasheet? I need especific values of the curves, ESR and all the things related to this element, I was able to find some information on Project 450, but it wasn't enough, can someone provide me the datasheet or any information related to this...
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    How can I clean laser glasses?

    Hey guys, I already use general lens cleaner for G2, G7, and G8 laser glasses, but I'm not sure if this is the best option to take care this componentes. I would really appreciate your help with specific products for laser lens maintenance. Have a nice day.
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    dtr-lpf, is this the Jodarn's ebay account?

    Hey guys, do you know if this seller is the DTR's laser shop owner, I really appreciate your help I want to make a duo laser diode module, but I need another NUBM44; the description says "7W NUBM44-V2 450nm Laser Diode In Copper Module W/Leads & DTR-G-2 Glass Lens".
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    DC-DC Buck Converter Design for 5V 5A laser control.

    This is a DC-DC stepdown circuit for laser control (better option than a LM311), at engineering level, it's based on texas instrument documentation, for testing proves I used three 9W 1Ohm resistors in parallel, the elementrical characteristics prove to work well with the laser load. There you...