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  1. Ultracrepidarian

    A quick post about JetLasers

    I just wanted to say how awesome the service at Jetlasers is. I have made a purchase of PL-E 465nm Mini a week ago and haven't had any news until today, I emailed them asking about any updates and on the same day Mr.Gray emailed me back apologizing for the delay, he told me that the laser is...
  2. Ultracrepidarian

    Picking my first laser build

    Hey guys I'm trying to pick parts to build my first laser, I found this small housing kit on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Waterproof-Adjustable-Focusable-Housing-Case-for-Laser-Pointer-Hunting-DIY-Kit/191108979001?epid=5005460681&hash=item2c7efb9939:g:hpMAAOSwf05XOqrp What would be a good...
  3. Ultracrepidarian

    Cheap way to measure laser wavelength

    Not long ago I came across an interesting youtube video about measuring wavelengths of lasers, its fairly recent and I haven't seen a post about it here, so I'm guessing most people don't know about the video or the method the youtuber proposes in it. Here it is...
  4. Ultracrepidarian

    Some 465nm questions.

    I never had a 465nm laser before. Suppose I want to buy a 465nm laser pointer, my best choices are Jetlasers and Sanwu. How is the divergence and beam profile on them compared to 450nm lasers? What would be a better deal/buy, Sanwu or Jetlasers in terms of divergence and beam quality? I know...
  5. Ultracrepidarian

    Sanwu Pocket 505nm 30mW review (With pics)

    I haven't seen any reviews for this one yet so I decided to do my own little review. This is my first review so ya. This is the first Sanwu laser I ever got and the consequences of this purchase have been positive. :) The cylinder shape of it looks pretty cool and is tiny, get your friend...
  6. Ultracrepidarian

    Sanwu pocket 505nm

    https://www.sanwulasers.org/product/pocket Are these 505nm pointers a new stock? Since I haven't seen them before or maybe I just did not notice. Are they really 505nm? Seems like a great deal if they are actually 505nm. :)
  7. Ultracrepidarian

    New laserlands 510nm pointer pen

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/510nm-5mw-Green-Laser-Pointer-Pen-OSRAM-LD-in-Class-IIIR-FDA/132449916509?hash=item1ed6a1565d:g:WUMAAOSw9idaRe8- After giving away my 450nm laserlands pen as a New Years gift I wanted to buy another one for my self, but instead stumbled upon this little guy, haven't...
  8. Ultracrepidarian

    Sanwu, Spiker or Challenger II?

    Hello gents, I want to buy a 635nm 1 watt laser pointer from Sanwu and I'm not sure whether I should get the Challenger II or the Spiker Saber host. Since Spiker is much bigger it will probably have a better duty cycle, but is there any other difference between the two in terms of power, if they...
  9. Ultracrepidarian

    RIP my 532nm greeny

    Today I decided to make a review for my 9 month old laser pointer that I got on ebay. Thought it would be cool to show how well it served me for that long. I open the box, pick it up, put in my LG 18650 battery in it, turn it on, it blinks for a mili-second and bam, nothing. I tried my other...
  10. Ultracrepidarian

    Question about PL-E Mini 520nm

    Hey guys, so I got my PL-E Mini 520nm 1 watt pointer today, its awesome! I use a pair of 16340 batts for it, but all my 16340s are cheap crap and last only a tiny bit on this Mini monster. I have a bunch of authentic 18650 however, they are super good and I generally use them for my high drain...
  11. Ultracrepidarian

    Hello LPF its meeeeeee

    Hello Laser hobbyists, enthusiasts, and experts. I have been lurking around this forum for a while, usually would read reviews and whatnot. Now that I created a new account with a very ironic name, I think I will visit more frequently. My name is Dima I am a Russian Californian born in Krimea...
  12. Ultracrepidarian

    Pocket Laser Power Meter for $79?

    Is this real: https://laserpointerstore.com/pocket-laser-power-meter Usually LPMs go over $200, this one is only $79 and it can measure up to 10 watts?! Seems like too good to be true no? :wtf: They even have a youtube video for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ3YKstBuFk EDIT: Oh never...
  13. Ultracrepidarian

    Advice needed, JetLasers 520nm and 465nm

    Hey guys! Alright I'm in a bit of a dilemma about buying me self a laser pointer. I'll make this brief, two options: 520nm 1watt PL-E Mini OR 465nm 1.4watt PL-E Mini? Both are pretty and both look cool, I am leaning towards the 520nm but the $70 price bump is pushing me back, after reading lots...