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    Help Please, Laser Not Working.

    Please do not look at the red light inside the laser. That is infrared light, it is likely quite powerful, and you probably already have eye damage if you've been looking at it. As for the laser not working, it could be that the crystals are misaligned, or your batteries are not charged. It...
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (Taking Payments for Round 2) Right on, man. Thanks for all the hard work trying to pull this thing together for everyone. I can only speak for myself, but I have no problem saying your efforts are much appreciated.
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (Taking Payments for Round 2) I'm still in, to the bitter end:beer: lazeerer, you've been busting your hump trying to make this thing come together for everyone, and no matter the outcome, I for one am grateful. Snag a cold one and relax...
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (Taking Payments for Round 2) It's really my fault; I spent all my laser money on a black rifle and accessories, so now the Laser Gods are holding up my diode until my next check comes in :p
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    Liquid Cooled/Immersed diode module

    I think the stuff you want is called Fluorinert. It's a 3M product, and pretty pricey. Best deal I could find on it was $180 for 32oz on ebay. I'm not sure if the guy will ship international, though. Maybe you could find someone to split it with you. Fun trivia - If you've ever seen The Abyss...
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    635 Copper plated Phobos build (pic heavy)

    Now you have me thinking of my Tank007 build and a silver dime. Silver plate would be supremely badass. . . Thanks for posting! I'd totally forgotten about the possibilities of electroplating. What sort of electrolyte do you use? I've had decent results with salt water (I gave up on...
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    Is there anyway to do a quick 2-3 second test of a LD without driver?

    ^ Agree. You should be able to build a simple LM317 driver for less than $5. You can even omit the potentiometer for a fixed value resistor, and never have to worry about resetting it. If you need the schematic, just search Google Images for DDl Driver. It should be in the first few hits.
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    All Members please read this...

    I only just now saw this thread, but I figure better late than never. Just sent a little bit your way, Rob. Hope it helps:beer:
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    Custom guide rod laser

    We should elect an ambassador to suggest to LaserMax the possibility of green diodes in their product. They might be willing to let us piggy-back on their diode order, resulting in afordable green diodes for all (and maybe a research/review sample for the OP. Hey, as long as I'm dreaming. . .)...
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    Custom guide rod laser

    Clarification: I was just saying the switch COULD be momentary, if the mechanical means to depress it is constant (the cam on the slide stop in the lasermax system.) You might see if they'll sell you just the slide stop if you decide to do a custom build with the switch to the rear (basically a...
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    Custom guide rod laser

    I forgot to mention, you need to figure a way to turn it on and off easily. From the pictures, it looks like the LaserMax uses a modified slide stop with a cam to depress a switch on the back of the guide rod. The switch wouldn't need to be anything special, beyond being generally robust. As...
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    Custom guide rod laser

    Just measured the guide rod on my 1911, and it's 7.72mm or .304 inches. The P226 is a little bigger at .310" (I looked it up.) I suppose a custom job for a 445nm guide rod set up would be possible, but costly. Remember, you'd have to have diode, optics, batteries and switch crammed up in there...
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    "CLOSED.!!!" GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm (REFUNDING.!!!!!!)

    Re: GB: For The New 3.8mm Red Diodes 660nm I'm good for one, if available.
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    New 3.8mm red Diodes on the Block.

    I would be interested in at least one if a gb goes down for these :)
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    PLEASE put some effort into your photos!

    To be honest, when I need to take pics to post online, I bang out a couple dozen, stick them on the computer, and go through to pick out the passible ones. The only problem with that method is trying to remember what settings you used for the good pictures. Seriously, are people afraid of...
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    Estimating power output of blue laser

    My 445 has almost the exact same specs as yours (I run a 2600mah AW,) and it'll put out over 1.7 watts at peak. After the first few seconds, things start to heat up, and output drops a bit (100-200mA, depending on how long I run it,) As previously noted, diode efficiencies will vary, but I'd...
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    Super Freak 445nm Build "Fat Boy" >2.7W

    Just don't knock it over. You'll break that counter top (srsly, 3x 18650s? Wow.) Good job, though. Looking forward to the LPM results and media.
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    GB oemlasersystems goggles (CLOSED)

    Re: GB oemlasersystems goggles Just wanted to say, I have two different styles of the ARG eyewear, and they are great for 405 and 445. My 445 peaks at about 1.7 watts, and with the ARGs, I can view the dot with absolute comfort. They're great for 532 green as well, but I'm pretty sure they...
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    Mini-Blu 405nm

    That's really rather clever. . .
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    532 Googles with Prescription Glasses?

    How much is a replacement set of eyeballs going to cost you?