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    FEELER: Custom WL e2 RGB Set [PICS]

    Hey folks, Long time no talk. I am thinking of selling my set of custom WL e2 builds. I am finishing up my degree and need to pay off debt to the school. I want these to go to a good and caring owner. Rare set of rare builds in rare hosts! All these are in very very good condition. I have a...
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    Wanted: WL e2 (A.K.A. Evolution Pro) even if it's dead...anyone?

    Hey guys, Looking to transform another e2/evo pro into a 445...anyone that has one let me know by posting here or PM'ing me! Thanks in advance, xXDUNNXx
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    Need to borrow! Anyone with an LPM! or anyone in MA???

    Hey guys, My car keeps giving me more and more problems. I recently finished a modded WL e2 445nm build that should be pumping out 1.3W ish and I am thinking of selling it. I really did not want to sell this. Although in order to sell it at the price it deserves, I need to confirm the power...
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    WTB: Cheap calibrated LPM! (and some new 445 safety glasses)

    Hey guys, I'm looking into a cheap <$50 LPM that is calibrated to test out my 445 build. Anyone? The laser is more than 1W but less than 1.5W. I know this much.
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    Help! What is causing this issue! Flexdrive set up at 1450ma...Tail current is 770mA?

    So I built another 445nm in an e2 host...the circuit goes like so V+, flexdrive @ 1450mA, LD+ V+, Tact Switch, MOSFET Gate LD-, MOSFET Drain, Case MOSFET Source, Case MOSFET Gate, 10K resistor, MOSFET Source NOTE that Flexdrive is set at 1450mA and the resistance while on of the...
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    TIP120 MOSFET to power a high current build with a low current switch????

    How do I do this! I have google'd and done so much research. I am doing a high power 445 build with a micro flexdrive in a WL e2 and it will be pulling 3A at one point. I cant have 3A going through a 50mA rated switch!!! I've come to the conclusion that a MOSFET will do the trick...but how do I...
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    Need explanation of the FlexDrive and what it can handle.

    Okay...so I plan on doing a build with 1 14500 and an M140...BUT I've only used linear drivers...I don't understand how the flexdrive works... So, how do I figure out what the max output current could be at whatever input voltage...say 4.2V....what happens when the battery (Vin) drops to 3.6 or...
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    WTB: Micro Flex Drive...anyone out there?

    Does anyone have a FlexDrive? I need one for a build! PM me or reply or both!
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    I need 1000+ votes to win a PS vita!!!!! Help me out PLEASE!!! IF I WIN, YOU WIN ;)

    Hey guys, so I am trying to win a PS Vita and I need help. I posted once before, but there is a new picture that my gf put up that has a better chance than I do!!!! Here is the link! :drool: http://unlock.tacobell.com/boast-entry-profile/8764 If I win a vita, I will choose someone at random...
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    WTB: Dead or alive! Wicked Laser e2 A.K.A. Evoloution (pro) ANY WAVELENGTH!!

    Hello guys, I've been on the hunt for an e2 for quite a while now. In my last thread that I had posted, I stated that I was done with lasers as I sold my beloved 1.1W 445 modded e2! I can't resist. I need to build one. Anyone that has a WL e2/evo pro (ANY WAVELENGTH DEAD OR ALIVE!!) that they...
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    DELETE PLEASE....Sorry :( new thread made...

    What's up guys, I am trying to win a PS Vita...and I need help...please vote for me!!!!!!!!!!! The link below brings you to my entry, all you need to do is click vote!! I need alot of votes!!!!! Thanks in advance! :san:
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    WTB: WL E2 host or entire laser

    Anyone here have one...I want to mod it into a 445...I miss my old one.
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    WTB: RL-118 host with heatsink OR other <22mm host!

    tell me what you have! i will pay up to 30 shipped for host with heatsink. I want a host that is 22mm or less in diameter!
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    So, I said after the last laser that I was done on here, but I cant resist. Does anyone have a Coleman MAX cr2 host with a heatsink?
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    CLOSED------- ONE OF A KIND wl e2 1W+ focusable 445 +4 Batteries $185 [Video in post]

    Hey guys, for sale is a one of a kind WL E2 that I converted into a 1w+ beast. It is focusable, has a 445 AR coated lens, and comes with 4 14500 900mah Batteries. Duty Cycle : 40s on 20s off This should put out AT-LEAST 1W peak. The driver is a 1.25A Jib Linear Driver. The batteries even at 2C...
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    FS: HUGE PRICEDROP 150mw 532nm Coleman MAX +5 3v RCR2 BATT's $75 SHIPPED CONUS PICS

    So up for sale is a ~150mw 532nm CR2 Coleman max! It runs off 1 CR2...im including 5 Rechargable 3v CR2's and ill throw in 3 primary CR2's It is an amazing little laser. it has an extended duty cycle due to the beefy heatsink of the host. This is $75 shipped CONUS only. I have the...
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    FS: LOTS of Fiber Optic Network Cable PRICEDROP

    So i have ALOT of 62.5/125 fiber optic cable to get rid of... The cables read Chromatic technologies, inc. 530t 2f 62.5/125 P/N 102221 Optical fiber cable PER article 770 type ofnr (UL) CSA LL82385 type ofn-ft4 75C 8 50M FDDI-FDDI -10 +Shipping Each 8 50M SC-SC -10 +Shipping Each 5 20ft...
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    can i make an ir laser from a green laser

    is this possible? how powerful would it be from a 9mm diode at ~600ma's could i use the lens thats already there to focus it?
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    My Final Build! 1W+ 445nm E2 ;)

    So I've built and sold a 445 Dilda, Coleman Max, Kryton Groove, and a custom Ehgemus so far. Lasers are a great hobby, but also very expensive. I dont have enough time or money to keep doing it. So i figured I would end it with a challenging build. This WL E2 was the hardest build yet. It has a...
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    WL E2 445 mod...What do i do now...i need a switch

    so i am modding the wl e2 into a 445 and my switch(button) is gone on it...is there any mometary switch that will hold 1a of current? what do i do in place of it??