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    DTR BDR-209 405nm Laser Diode shows a blurry square light.

    Hello guys, So I was finally able to power up the laser diode from DTR. I got two of these modules. It is a "900mW 405nm Blu-Ray BDR-209 Laser Diode In Copper Module W/Leads & G-2 Glas Lens": I have the IC-Haus IC-HKB-S08-TP laser driver chips but for testing purposes of the laser module...
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    DTR BDR-209 405nm Laser Diode Complete Datasheet?

    I bought the DTR BDR-209 405nm Laser Diode with the G2 Lens from DTR store. I'm trying to find the datasheet for the BDR-209 405nm Laser Diode. I'm sure it should have one since it is a quality laser diode. The reason I ask is because I'm trying to find the beam quality M2 values for it. Thanks.
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    How to achieve 0.01mm laser spot size?

    I can't find any information on the internet for such basic task. What are the proper steps, procedure, tools, optics and materials needed to focus a 405nm laser close to 0.01mm (tolerance +/-0.01mm) all day long? It's going to be this laser module: NEJE 405nm 3500mW Laser Module Thanks.
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    Will this book help for pulsing laser: "Powering Laser Diode Systems - Grigoriy A. Trestman"

    I want to learn and design custom laser driver boards for pulsing. Will this book help for that?: spiedigitallibrary.org/ebooks/TT/Powering-Laser-Diode-Systems/eISBN-9781510608467/10.1117/3.2268619?SSO=1 It seems this book is only good for continuous wave powering, I don't see any of the table...
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    405nm Laser Polygon Mirror Scanning

    Alright I'm designing a laser scanning device that uses a polygon mirror motor found in laser printers. The laser beam must always be in focus to get the highest resolution scans, therefore all laser printers uses a "F-Theta" lens so that the laser beam focal point will always be in focus for...