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  1. cistercian

    Quickie review of laserland 510nm 5mw

    I ordered 2 of these innocent looking pen lasers. I was stoked to have 2 510nm direct greens at 5mw to show people! Ubiquitous newwish style pen host...2aaa cell powered. There is a label by the aperture that says Laserlands. No other labels...no hint of correct polarity. So I popped 2 cells...
  2. cistercian

    Jetlaser PLE-PRO 520nm 1 Watt impressions

    Today I received my PLE-Pro 1 watt 520nm laser.I got batteries with it...which are charging now.(They arrived a few hours after the laser)Protected tenergy 18650's.Yesterday I received and charged some Orbtronic 3400mah protected 18650's.I used a LUC V4. So I popped them in the PLE, put on the...
  3. cistercian

    Direct green question

    Does anyone know if there is a direct green laser on the market that uses AA or AAA cells?I have converted to LSD NIMH exclusively and would like to know! I hope they get very inexpensive soon...I have several 10mw greens that were cutting edge in those days and 600 and 950 dollars...I am too...
  4. cistercian

    Vintage red...and it's gone!

    I built a 20mw 640nm laser into a maglight back in 1998 or so.It was expensive..280 dollars or so.And it was a "second"...slightly defective.I loved it.And last week, it gave up.Total diode FAIL. I am still sad it's gone.I have much less money today for lasers, but I purchased another high...
  5. cistercian

    Casix GLP-5 vs Wicked Evo E2 100mw

    I thought a comparison was in order to show how far things have come.I recently added an Evo E2 in 100mw from Wicked to the arsenal.It is an excellent laser that according to the too faint to reproduce chart included with it produces 120mw peak, 110mw min and averages 115mw.Also included with...
  6. cistercian

    Wicked lasers evo Pro 100mw experience

    I ordered an Evo Pro in 100mw power late Sunday night(more like 1am monday) from my hotel room in Atlanta,Ga where I was staying on business. It arrived at my house in North Carolina on Wednesday.Epic Shipping. Well, I am home for the weekend.So after greeting the kids, I did a quick check of...
  7. cistercian

    silliness with a 40 mw Evo Pro

    I have thoroughly my Wicked Lasers Evo Pro in 40 mw flavor, but burning had never occurred to me to try since the included power chart showed 46mw peak. To my amusement, it pops balloons in 2 to 3 seconds...unsharpied.It also slices Hersheys wrappers nicely, and puts holes in garbage bags!It...