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    F/T PT-30k Scanner Set

    I have for trade a PT-30k Scanner Set barely used. I had it as a backup but Its been sitting in the box for some time now. I want to try my luck at bartering stuff but this product is pretty much useless outside of this community. So id be willing to trade for non-laser related stuff. However...
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    Looking for pair of green projectors

    Hey all, Im in the market for a pair of green projectors. 20k is fine as its just going to be for beam effects and it's single color. power range should be around 400mw and budget is flexable however im looking for lowest cost(arent we all). ILDA required. Let me know if you know of any good...
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    Help with Spaghetti

    I cant seem to get any kind of output from spaghetti other than x y and blue. Seems I have tried every combination. I have uninstalled drivers and let windows 7 drivers work. 5.1 and 7.1. Inverted not inverted. What am I doing wrong. Specs: windows 7 ultimate 64 rgb lasers all connected to...
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    LaserShow Xpress Users

    So i been playing around with spaghetti and it just doesnt cut it. I got bored pretty quickly with ilda files. Pretty good for playing shows and nice and easy to use interface but It crashes on me frequently. Im running windows 7 if that makes a difference. I guess im just not interested in...
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    My RGB Build Thread.

    So I also participated in the cheap 75$ 15k china scanner GB, something i been wanting to do for a long time but never could justify spending $200 on a total shot in the dark experiment. Little did I know the scanner part is a fraction of the projector cost... So far the materials I have...
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    Random stuff..Weekend Sale.. ENDED

    Hello LPF, I am cleaning out my closet making room for my next project, my first RGB projector. I have has some stuff laying around not doing anything so i figured someone could use some stuff. Everything must go, all offers considered. Best offer + actual shipping/handling cost. Im not looking...
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    1w 445nm Stable lab laser

    I am looking for a 1w 445nm lab style laser for use in a projector build. It must be able to run for a long time, analog modulation is preferred. Corrected beam a plus. Let me know what u got. EDIT I MADE MY PURCHASE, Thank you all who made offers and who helped.
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    Rep System

    Discuss what you like/dislike about it.
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    Illegal to export lasers?

    Is it illegal to export lasers >5mW from the US to other countries?
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    FS 250mW Red / 130mW Blu-Ray Burning Lasers

    UPDATE: NO LONGER SELLING COMPLETE LASER BUILDS - However I do sell a very nice HOST that makes it very easy to assemble a laser. Simply connect the wires to the diode pressed in aixiz head and tighten the set screw. These Red and Blu-Ray hosts are very sleek and comfortable in your hand. The...
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    My HID Headlights...

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    Lighting Joint with laser!

    Check it out.
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    10% Off Coupon @ z-bolt.com

    i was trying to get a discount at z-bolt for a labby so i kept putting in different things and i came up with this. "1700" gives you 10% Off Everything. "Congratulations Astronomer !! Coupon Code 1700 activated. Receive 10% off your order total. Thank You for shopping with us !!"
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    Computer PSU + DDL Question

    OK so today i took apart an old ATX PSU. Its a 300 watt PSU. It has output of 3.3v @ 28A Max, 5v @ 30A Max, and 12v @ 15A Max. I want to use it to power 2 PHR Blue Rays. I plan on making a DDL circuit for each diode. My questions.... Are CPU PSUs stable as far as the voltage/current? Also using...
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    Quick Battery and Charger Question.

    Can I use an Ultrafire Battery charger meant for the 3.6v AA/AAA batteries to charge my Juice 3.6v CR2? The exact charger http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&item=370155859895 The exact batteries...
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    PHR-803T - Am I running enough current?

    built a ddr driver and i think im feeding my phr about 113mA. im using a 9 volt battery right now but once i get jayrobs mxdl and heatsink ill be using 3 10440 batts. Problem im having is i cant burn anything and cant pop balloons. At first i had a hard time focusing until i made sure and got...
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    Re: Even Cheaper! $120 blu/red Set, $60 Red

    Re: Even Cheaper! $120 blu/red Set, $60 Red $$ sent for the red. thanks
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    First Laser Build.

    Heres my first laser build. Had this flashlight sitting around. found it on the floor on halloween. Built my own driver using lm317 and 3 ohms giving me an estimated 417mA(correct me if im wrong) with 3x 10440 batteries. All i need to do is wait for my LD and batteries. Theres an LED in there...
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    First Build - Custom Driver - which host?

    I ordered an LPC-815 Diode in an Aixiz module. I built a DDL Driver without a pot using a fixed 3 Ohm. adrianDOThardbrakingDOTcom/laser/first_good_driver/size1DOTJPG adrianDOThardbrakingDOTcom/laser/first_good_driver/size2DOTJPG I want a good clean flashlight laser. My driver will be too big...