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  1. CoherentRays

    Laser probes antimatter to verify relativity

    After decades of effort, physicists have probed the inner working of atoms of antihydrogen—the antimatter version of hydrogen—by measuring for the first time a particular wavelength of light that they absorb. The advance opens the way to precisely comparing hydrogen and antihydrogen and, oddly...
  2. CoherentRays

    Happy Veteran's Day

    I hadn't even noticed that it's Veteran's Day until I went to lunch at my favorite restaurant and got a free meal along with a "Thank you for your service." When I was young, November 11th was know as Armistice Day in celebration of the end of the first world war. I don't remember when, but...
  3. CoherentRays

    A Story for Hap, and all Penguin lovers

    A happy news story, Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year to see man who saved his life | Metro News Ed
  4. CoherentRays

    Just saying Hello

    I just joined the community to learn more about lasers and their uses. I have owned a couple of 5mw laser pointers for several years that are probably in the 650 to 670nm range. I'm interested to find that it is now possible to buy higher power lasers and also the shorter wavelength units are...