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  1. Bounty

    Does anyone repair damaged lasers?

    Hello all, I have 2 maybe 3 lasers that are in need of repair. 2 are a relatively easy fix (one of the red or black wires have broken away) and another is what I am guessing some type of power issue but I am not sure as I am no expert and do not have the tools/know how to repair. I am hoping...
  2. Bounty

    Is it OK to ship lasers from U.S to Canada?

    Hi all, i have a question if i post a laser to Canada will it go through customs OK? I have someone who wants to purchase one of my lasers and the last thing i want is for it to get confiscated. If i could get some advice on how to ship to make sure it gets there safely i would be very...
  3. Bounty

    FS 3.2W laserbee 2 power meter $200.(video of meter in action added)

    Price is non negotiable works perfectly, had very little use, does not include shipping. Below is a link to the meter in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqbm4UGZvpw&feature=channel_video_title
  4. Bounty

    Better to ship to customers in China or England?

    Hi there, i have a customer who is interested in a couple of my lasers. I have a choice of sending them to London or China. In your opinions which is the best to send to? Like between the two countrys customs agents which is less likely to confiscate them? All help much appreciated thankyou!
  5. Bounty

    FS UPDATED, Jayrob maglite 1.6W, 445nm, 3.2W Laserbee 2 power meter

    I also have a 2.3W+ 445nm laser i may part with if anyone is interested looking for +$200 for it, if interested i will post pics and a video of me LPMing it. 1.6-1.7W 445nm Jayrobs maglite laser kit, all working comes with Batteries no charger $150 comes with G1 lens 3.2W laserbee LPM $220...
  6. Bounty

    Quick vid of my most powerful handheld (2.2W+)

    Out of pure curiosity i am searching for the most powerful 445 single diode laser ever recorded/created. I got a G1 lens of Jayrob arrived yesterday and the Saik is crafted by DTR. Heres a quick vid of me LPMing it. If anyone has or knows of any super handhelds please let me know. Cheers...
  7. Bounty

    Wicked lasers "the torch" review

    This just arrived yesterday it took 2 months to arrive i am very surprised it arrived so quickly. For some reason i ordered an extra battery and bulb for it as well, so in the package i got the torch 2 batteries 2 bulbs and a charger. This is a pic of all the stuff. Here it is next to Jayrobs...
  8. Bounty

    Jayrob maglite 2D 445nm laser review

    Link to this build http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-large-maglite-monster-kits-flexmodp3-side-button-forward-clicky-57278.html After looking at Jayrobs kits for many weeks i went for the Maglite. I got it because it looked beastly, sturdy and powerful. That is exactly what i got, i couldnt...
  9. Bounty

    Ignore test.

    blah blah blah https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/5Ib1109BjC1gIGbuXYreSbe-XaucfIxt9z3BzFspR_Y?feat=directlink blah blah blah https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/sYXUOkL3dlFuZMqvJsjwrKW7t95N1UFY7XlysqFJ-VE?feat=directlink
  10. Bounty

    How to charge your laser with no messy leads

    Ive always been annoyed at how many tangley leads and messing wires are around when i want to charge my various electronic devices. Im sure many of people already have something like this, but incase not, here is some pics of my charging case, this is perfect for charging my laser batteries...
  11. Bounty

    Why are 445nm lasers so much more powerful than other wavelengths?

    I know its probably very obvious, but i cant understand why it is so much easier/cheaper to make high output blue lasers. Is it because the components are much cheaper or is it the wavelength? When i compare the price/wavelength of 445nm blue to...lets say yellow (577nm i think) Cheers
  12. Bounty

    Helpful advise needed, LG hercules vs Jet lasers PLC

    Im torn between these 2 lasers the Laserglow Hercules Best deals! Buy Jetlasers 250mw PL-C 532nm green Laser Pointers, portable green laser 532nm 250mw, handheld 250mw 532nm green laser pointers, 300MW portable green laser blue 250mw, 200mw 635nm red lasers jetlasers. JETLASERS.ORG And the Jet...
  13. Bounty

    How to build a laser from a DVD/CD burner

    Im going to attempt building a laser from scrap, i heard that from the parts out of a CD/DVD drive are sufficient for a mild IR laser. If anyone could point me in the direction of any tutorials or instructions from links or anything i would be very grateful. Thankyou.
  14. Bounty

    Where can i get a 3W 532nm lab laser system for a reasonable price?

    Im probably about to spend some serious money on a laser so i want to get as much info and ideas of what exactly there is out there. Im seriously considering getting a Hercules but i want to look into a lab laser reading at about 3W just to see what my options are. Thankyou for any info :)
  15. Bounty

    Is a Hercules 650 w accessory's worth $3200

    Ive been looking at a Herc on Laserglow for months the 650 model (750mW) with expander and everything. I have many 445nm lasers my most powerful being 1.9W i was wondering how the 2 would compare in brightness/Range/visibility and burning power, heres a link to it. Laserglow Technologies -...
  16. Bounty

    Sale over

    Tank 007 host laser reading in between 1.2-1.4W Still in very good condition, less than an hours use. Any questions please feel free to ask. Comes with batteries and battery charger.
  17. Bounty

    What are the best goggles for 445nm blue beams?

    Im just curious what is the best pair to get? Thanks.
  18. Bounty

    WTB laser optics set

    They have a laser optics set on wicked lasers...im not a fan of WL by any means but this set seems pretty cool. Heres a link to it. http://www.wickedlasers.com/lasers/Wicked_Optics_Set_Expanded-72-28.html If anyone knows of a place where i can pick up some things like this it would be very...
  19. Bounty

    Help on dismantling a green laser

    Not so long ago when i knew zero about lasers i foolishly bought a "3000mW" green laser from DHgate. I soon learned (without a power meter) that its probably about 50mW if im lucky. Im never going to try to re sell it because its worth next to nothing so im going to take it to pieces so i can...
  20. Bounty

    Eye protection wanted for blue 445nm Arctic 3 laser.

    Im looking for the cheapest pair of protective glasses that will be sufficient for the Arctic 3. Thanks.