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    Selling:Serpens-Blue-1W stage laser

    Hello guys, I have 1W blue laser systems to sell.If any one is interested in,please feel free to let me know. Here is the specification: Laser power:B1000 Price:$549 ColorBlance:Blue445nm>1000mw Modulation : >50KHz Analog Scanspeed: ILDA20Kpps,+/-20 degree, max. 30.000pps X/Y Scan Angle...
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    LightSpace---5W RGB

    5W RGB is in stage for rehearsal. R637~1W,G532~2W,B445~2W Best regards, Lily
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    Pluto-Green laser

    Sell:Pluto-Green-1W projector Nice photos to share with you! Price:1,290USD MOQ:1 piece The real output is more than 1W.Usually,it`s from 1.1W to 1.3W. The shipping cost depends on the destination.
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    my friend&client`s laser

    Nice picture:wave: It`s the 1W green laser!
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    2*5W Green&2*1W Green

    Here are the photos which are made in my customer`s outdoor lasershow.Hope somebody like it. In middle,they are 2*5W Green,Left and right,they are the 2*1W Green. Hope receive your pm or email. My email is europelightspace@gmail.com Best regards, Lily
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    Scanner system&scan effects

    There are some pictures in my album.Welcome to see it. Lily
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    Sell:DMX show card

    DMX showcard Price:35USD(not include shipping cost) Accept Paypal
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    SELL:PT20-40K laser scanner

    20K scanner is 70USD 30K scanner is 170USD 40K scanner is 250USD. If anyone want the manual of scanner system,please send me pm. There are scanner systems in stock.It`s available to arrange delivery with DHL anytime. Best regards, Lily
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    SELL:LED308B par RGB

    PRICE:270USD 3W LED 12 X Red,12 X Green, 12 X Blue,12 X whtie. DMX:4/7CHS Beam Angle: 15 (25 45 optional) Weight:9KG Ip66(outdoor)
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    Wts:2w rgb&1w g

    New 2W RGB&1W G for sale. Specification: 2W RGB price:2500USD R640>500mW,G532>500mW,B445>1W,40k scanner,DMX512,ILDA connector 1W G price:1350USD G532>1W(max1400mW),40K scanner,DMX512,ILDA connector Is anyone interested in,leave me message or pm. Email is welcome.Send to...
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    532 Green laser

    Hello Everyone, FOR SALE: Here are the Green light effects.I am waiting for the guys who are interested in it.Welcome any PM. Lily
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    we are in PALM EXPO 2011

    Hello guys, Our company www.eightonlight.cn participated in the PALM EXPO 2011 this year.Just want you guys know more about our company. Here is the photo in our booth. Best regards, Lily
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    WTS:Adjustable mounts

    Hello, I have two kinds of Ajustable mounts. LS-XY002 & LS-XY003 LS-XY002:25USD adjust it with tool 1. Concrete steps: 1. Loose setscrew of X, Y and then adjust mirror socket to suitable position by X, Y adjustable screws. 2. Adjust Z adjustable screw at same time. 3. Fix X, Y, setscrew...
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    WTS:3D grating&mirror

    Hello, If you need the grating for your lasers,please leave me message. 3D grating:12USD 3D grating&mirror:72USD. Please see the picture. http://p13.freep.cn/p.aspx?u=v20_p1_photo_1108061124281830_0.jpg http://upload.ouliu.net/m/95aa7621c93359271b620884f048c40c.jpg
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    Laser pointer&DPSS laser diode

    I wonder why the laser pointer is so popular here.It seems that no one like the DPSS laser diode. What`s the laser pointer widely used for?
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    WTS:LED108 moving head

    LED-108 PCS 3W (R:24,G:28,B28,W:28) Average life is 100, 000 hours LED, low consumption, energy saving and environmental LED 12 international standard DMX Channel 3 ways of control: DMX/mater or slave/sound ativate Pan scan: 540° Or 630° (16 bit accurately scan) Titl scan: 265° (16 bit...
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    Thank you

    Hello everyone, I want to say thank you from my heart.The day before yesterday,i was banned in this forum because of some misunderstanding.After explain everything to master,he comprehensives me and recover my user name Lasershowlily.I am very touching,thank you! I hope i can continue to talk...
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    WTS:Ascent RGB3W

    Ascent RGB3W 6000USD Red640/1W,G532/1W,B445/1W, 40K scanner,analog,ILDA connector. Welcome to visit our website www.eightonlight.cn Best regards, Lily
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    WTS:laser scanner&parts

    I have laser scanner from 20k to 40K.Any parts of laser systems,such as mirror,DMX board,emergency stop box,ILDA cable and so on.If you are interested in,welcome send me PM. 20k is 70USD.30K is 170USD.40K is 250USD.RG/RGB mirror is 5USD/pcs.Emergency stop box is 20USD. See the picture Welcome...
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    lasers with prices(maybe you are interested in)

    Hello everyone, I found that lots of friends are interested in the lower power lasers.So i want to post some information here. ApolloRGB 600mW is 399USD R650~200mW,G532~100mW,B445~300mW 20K scanner,DMX512,ILDA connector,TTL ApolloRGB 750mW is 530USD R650~350mW,G532~100mW,B445~300mW 20K...