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  1. regalis

    (Handy) OnePlus One Invites to share

    Hi everybody, i have some invites for a OnePlus One to share. These are claimable for 24 hours..so be fast! ;) And after you claimed it you have only 24 hours to order your 64GB OnePlus One.. Home - OnePlus.net Carrier compatibilitylist...
  2. regalis

    Kvant Clubmax 3000 RGB Laserprojector

    Hi, i bought an Kvant Clubmax 3000 RGB-Laser Projector and thought i could make a review to show what this projector can do and how it looks from the inside. Here is the Website: KVANT ClubMax 3000 | new full colour club laser |*Kvant Laser Systems And here the promo-video from Kvant: I'm...
  3. regalis

    Survivallaser SL I | 1.2W

    Hi, a while ago i purchased a Survival Laser I 445nm Parts Bundle w/Accessories & Rechargeable Batteries from Survival Laser Home Pictures © 2011 the Survival Laser Store The laser got an copper heatsink and an copper laser diode module . The heat dissipate realy well! I made a video of...
  4. regalis

    2W Ophir Head LPM from Bluefan

    Hi, yesterday i made some videos of my new Ophir Head LPM which i bought from Bluefan. This is how it looks like: The LPM runs of two 9V batteries, for the Dual Rail configuration the OPHIR head needs(thx @ lasersbee for the heads-up). From one battery the power for the 2.000 counts (2W max)...
  5. regalis

    Great buying experiences with Bluefan

    Hi Folks, i've bought an DIY Ophir-Head-LPM with an radial termopile from him and i'm very pleased with this transaction. Bluefan is a great guy to deal with, he responded to all my PMs in no time. I've done this thread because i love my new LPM and highly recommend doing business with him...
  6. regalis

    Beamshots 445nm + 532nm

    Hi folks, everybody uploads screenshots...so i thought i give it a try :) I used a 445nm SurvivalLaser with 1.200mW output (2 x CR123) and a 532nm module from ebay with 100mW output (1 x CR123). I have to admit that my whole flat was full of fog :shhh: Here you go: Please comment if...
  7. regalis

    Solved: Problem with thread page

    Hi again folks, this time i have a problem with "page 3" on this thread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/mitisubishi-300mw-635-diodes-69-shipped-us-module-w-leads-66958.html Is it just me who can't access this page or is this a bug!? :thinking:
  8. regalis

    Spam via email....

    Hi folks, just got a spam-email from a forum member: I hope this is in the right section...!?
  9. regalis

    EG&G Electro-Optics Model 460-1A (LPM)

    Hi all, i saw this LPM on eBay and wonder if this is a good one? Does anybody know this LPM? I'm out of money so if somebody wants it...just buy it :P EG&G Electro-Optics Model 460-1A Laser Power Meter | eBay
  10. regalis

    The newest beam in here :)

    Hi @ all, im regalis, aged 34, from Germany and i'm new to the laser community. I doesn't have any interesting laser (only a Laserpointer ripped off of a jigsaw i think it has an 0.00001 mW output :D ) at all but i already found something suitable to buy ;) I saw alot of Laser Videos on YouTube...