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    First "builds"

    Just finished my second assembly. Not really sure i can call it an "assembly" or "build", since most of the work was done by others - I just soldered the module into the host and tightened a screw :) Either way, here they are: Smaller one is a PLTB450B 1.6w 450nm. I did that one first before...
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    Understanding drivers and lenses

    So I'm poking around DTR's shop and I'm seeing options to select different drivers and lenses in the modules. So what I'm wondering is: how do you select those? What goes into deciding what driver to get (or make), and what lens to use? For example, what's the difference between G2 and G8? And...
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    Assembly help, housings etc.

    Maybe I'm missing it in my searches, but I'm having trouble finding how to do a simple assembly and how to work with housings. Maybe I've got some wrong ideas... I've started off with some cheap 3mW and 5mW lasers I found on Amazon - 40 for $13, so cheap things, just to play around with. I got...
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    Site outage?

    For quite a while yesterday I was getting errors trying to access the forum. "has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired." on Firefox and ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on Edge. Was it only me, or was there a problem with the forum?
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    Hello LPF!

    New here. I had a HeNe laser many ages ago (I think from Edmund Scientific but don't remember) that I remember messing with - as a pointer, prisms & various lenses, etc. Was curious about finding something again and stumbled across this forum. Lots of good info already, just from reading! See...