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  1. Crackula

    Laser Surprise!

    Earlier tonight i went out to my back yard to use my green laser. I have an 8ft stone wall along my property with a 6ft fence running perpendicular. I had set out a box in the corner a couple of day ago and was going to shine the laser at it. I had my glasses on so I couldn't see too well in the...
  2. Crackula

    Cooling chip ?

    I saw a product Peltier Thermoelectric Cooling Chip 91 watt Peltier Cooling Chip : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies that cools on one side and heats on the other. Can this be incorporated into a laser to increase run time?
  3. Crackula

    Newbie advice

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to lasers. I'm interested in purchasing a 'safe' laser just to have a bit of fun. Not looking for a burning laser. Just something that will make a visible dot at a couple hundred meters maybe. The thing is, while looking for such a laser, I noticed many that are labeled...