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  1. pseudonyms

    Post your: Desk/Work area!

    Not much has changed here. Just got a new camera :D
  2. pseudonyms

    Post your headphones/earbuds/other.

    Beyerdynamic DT 880's. The '03 edition, not the '05. I've listened to both and I prefer these actually. :) Plus I got them used for less than half the original price. Just took that picture of my desk and you can see them chillin on one of my crappy logitech speakers.
  3. pseudonyms

    Post your: Desk/Work area!

    I haven't seen one around here, so I figure us geeks could use a little bit of bragging room. Just recently cleaned up my desk and FINALLY got a new monitor to replace my crappy CRT. Before anyone asks: The Logitech x530 I use for gaming, the two speaker cabinets and subwoofer I use for...
  4. pseudonyms

    All about "HEATSINKS" for Laser Builds

    See my first build for cool heatsink ideas: http://laserpointerforums.com/f48/my-first-build-cool-heatsink-control-idea-41545.html I thought it was a relatively cost effective and quick build for my first one.
  5. pseudonyms

    Hi there.

    I love hearing when people save a heck of a lot of money by coming here. We defy the laser corporations! haha
  6. pseudonyms

    Cool laser pattern sound video!

    There's already a thread on it. They explain how it works in the other thread. "Stickylight" is the program used for following "Scorelight" is the program for sound generation.
  7. pseudonyms

    Alizée crowd scanning

    Jaseth, you're a champion.
  8. pseudonyms

    Billy Mays has Died at 50.

    I know. I'm sorry to say this shocked me more than Michael Jackson. I grew up with him yelling at my face. Remember, It wasn't the products he sold, but the passion he sold them with.
  9. pseudonyms

    Billy Mays has Died at 50.

    Billy Mays III (YoungBillyMays) on Twitter Report: 'Infomercial King' Billy Mays Found Dead in Home - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment - FOXNews.com Police: TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at home I will miss him. I'm legitimately in shock. My favorite TV...
  10. pseudonyms

    My FIRST BUILD! Cool heatsink/control Idea.

    Yeah, that's my favorite part about it. Thanks everyone for praise. I had fun making it too, and I couldn't have done it without you guys!
  11. pseudonyms

    My FIRST BUILD! Cool heatsink/control Idea.

    Haha, thanks. It's just a tad bulky. But I don't take it anywhere, so we're good.
  12. pseudonyms

    My FIRST BUILD! Cool heatsink/control Idea.

    as I said, weird camera. oh sorry forgot to post specs. rkcstr driver, PHR-803t diode, approx 110mw.
  13. pseudonyms

    My FIRST BUILD! Cool heatsink/control Idea.

    My First Build! Cool heatsink/control Idea. (Blu Ray) I understand I overcomplicated my build, but I wanted total control over everything that went on and had power going to it. And the actual aixiz module itself can be removed if I want, and the thing will still work, if I wish. I liked this...
  14. pseudonyms

    CPU heatsink for phr.. little help..

    Here you go. I drilled it out with a half inch bit, it's as close as I could get to 12mm without having to go buy a 12 dollar new bit. I just had to wiggle it around a little. Sorry for bad pics, I'm using the camera on my camcorder, I'll get a permanent solution for pictures soon.
  15. pseudonyms

    CPU heatsink for phr.. little help..

    I have a similar setup for a lab style I made, I'll put a pic up in a minute.
  16. pseudonyms

    Michael Jackson

    Yeah, Bad day for the media world. Also, EFG and Pedobear in the same thread. I swear, if this turns into failchan, there are bans in the air.
  17. pseudonyms

    shit JDD scanner

    I'm attempting making the same thing, but I can't figure out alignment/ what kind of settings I need to put in it. If anyone can help, please do.
  18. pseudonyms

    I need help with my Hard Drive Scanner!

    Updated OP with new video. Give it a minute to process through youtube, send me more suggestions, a class grade is riding on this project!
  19. pseudonyms


    Well seeing as you only have 9 posts, I'm not sure how sucessful you will be in selling this. It looks like an okay enough driver, but I'm sure people would opt for the lavadrive/rkcstr driver over this, sorry to say. good luck selling, though.
  20. pseudonyms

    DIY 100% PHR-803T Violet Laser Tutorial

    There have been many of these threads, and most with the same content, but good thread anyway. Used good images and good descriptions.