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    Yet another 445 stainless (picture heavy)

    amazing, congrats man +1
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    hello sserginho if you don't mind can I post your question in my thread so it can be useful to...

    hello sserginho if you don't mind can I post your question in my thread so it can be useful to other people? I will answer it there. Thanks mate
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    burning pixels

    Pretty much that, LCD grafitti anyone? :D
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    burning pixels

    maybe a little unrelated... Here are some yellow spots I accidentally burned on my laptop's screen over a year ago, it was with a ~200mw LOC, it burned them instantly.
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    PHR in Stainless C3 Q5 host (picture heavy)

    I liked the extended aluminum version :p You bought this at dx, then you custom made the heatsink am i right?
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    Small pt-54 flashlight

    Thanks! Yes, first I was cutting it with the dremel, but it was getting really hot, making it really slow, I finished cutting it with a small pincer
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    Small pt-54 flashlight

    Thank you very much guys! :D About the flux.. of course, tried many times, but it seems that the brass base of the led module sends most of the soldering iron's heat to any surface or table I'm working on, so heating it up to be able to solder it becomes a problem :( I'll try again later...
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    Small pt-54 flashlight

    Got a pt-54 from Flaminpyro some months ago (Thanks a lot! :D) Been playing with this beast for a while, but I was saving it for a custom flashlight, I wanted the smallest 18650 host I could find, I ordered this little fellow and started working on the project as soon as I received it. The...
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    making my first laser *help plz*

    I've bought both diodes and drivers from modwerx, I recommend it 100%. You can also power your doide with a led driver from delaextreme if you don't mind the risk of something going wrong :P ...do get a host from there
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    What do you use your laser for?

    burning bugs is the most "useful" thing i've done with my 445 One professor of the university I attend is very interested on doing some experiments with a ttl laser I have, hopefully in a month or two we'll get to do some interesting stuff
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    Phlatlight 12w red LED flashlight!

    I really like the square shape of the beam :D just got a pt-54 from a projector, I really want to try a similar build as yours.
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    FS: RED led PT-54 from PHLAT

    Interested for: 1x Led 1x TEC + Shipping to Mexico City Just want to know the total, thanks in advance :)
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    dentist googles are safe??

    Just get some goggles from ebay and test yours. Put on your new goggles, focus your laser for burning, burn some stuff, put your dentist goggles in the beam, if your still able to burn stuff then they're definitely not safe... :crackup: OF COURSE IM KIDDING They're goggles made for a specific...
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    Custom 445 Build

    Exactly, it just happened to fit all the components perfectly, it was very fun to build. Thanks man :D
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    Custom 445 Build

    Hi everyone. After saving some money for some months, I finally bought another diode, my laser is finally working again! I also purchased a lens cover and a 445nm AR coated lens to replace the old glass lenses i've been using, which upon further inspection, appeared to be coated for red lasers...
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    What kind of rock is this???? crazy

    Someone already stated in the comments that is some kind of calcite. There's a lot of fluorescent minerals out there, if you come across some don't forget to share some pics :beer:
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    405nm pointer meets Spectrometer

    Is the wavelength shifting also dependent on the current given to the diode? Assuming an almost perfect heatsinking system is being used so temperature remains the same
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    DX SD-303 200mW Review

    Can't say for sure. It's Chinese and cheap, you can never expect a lot from that. :( Just get a 50mw one and some goggles, at least don't spend as much as I did. A chinese dpss is a very risky purchase. Hope I helped
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    405nm pointer meets Spectrometer

    Hello there. I recently got access to some of my campus' laser instruments for a second time. The first time I could, I brought my 445 build to measure its power, but it LED'ed on me that same day, it was a little embarrassing :( This time I went with my DX 405nm pointer link and a LOC diode...
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    DX SD-303 200mW Review

    I still got issues with this laser, the output is way too weak. This is a beamshot, comparing the SD-303 with a 150mw green module I just received from wlaser, which (hopefully) is going to be used for an rgv build. The SD-303 beam can be seen under the wlaser one (barely), the difference is...