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    RGB Phat light With Dmx 512 controller

    First off this little guy packs a punch and it has a 12v 80mm fan inside Upgrade! and The phatlights are driven by 3x sst-90 6.5A 22mm high quality drivers that are 5 mode not a big problem . However they are connected to the 5-24v rgb dmx 512 controller via Common Positive leaving the...
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    Amazon is selling burning lasers?

    Well today i did the simple 'green laser" Search on amazon well i was expecting to see pen results instead big/small recognize'able lasers that seem simalar to ones seen on rayfoss o-like and lazerpoint i own one of the amazon's look alike i bought from lazerpoint and another from rayfoss...
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    So i have some hosts PICTURE HEAVY

    Deleting due to post #4 - Ped
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    Lazerpoint hmm

    Seems legit Buy 500mW 532nm Match-lighting Green Beam Laser Pointer (Black) in US$ 971.99 in Low Price- Free Shipping just thought id share something from such a great company well to me :D but wasnt sure on this one like 973:confused: basically?
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    Anybody Have this?

    i have bought two of then gutted one looks nice just need a measure it http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4344500
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    Some R,G,P Beams!

    All lasers are 200mw with focusing heads These lasers are from Lazerpoint Great Website :) MY bad! HERE IS THE> Link:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.368585446517740.80756.100000988623031&type=1
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    phr in a heat-sink module

    & I said wow when it first came on i fod to infinite & im not sure on the power out... & BTW this is my first time soldering leads onto a diode whew it took forever:gun:
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    Micro Boost DC/DC Driver HELP!

    Okay i order'd a PHR-805T & A MicroBoost Driver From Modwerx They Come In Excellent Packaging But The Point Im Getting To is the description of this product says 2.7-6V However When I Finish My Soldering Placing & all that i put My CR123 in My Host & I Get This Tiny Green Light i can barely...