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    Have an extra $50K to see if there are exotic laser diodes in this new projector?

    Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector Key Points: -$50K (“Please call 1-866-294-7669 to order”):whistle: - 147-inch image -4K 4096 x 2160 resolution - projector sits 7 inches from the wall -“The laser light source is composed of Blue Laser Diodes” - smartphone-sized HD model coming out in October...
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    Unfocusable 200mW 520nm kit build, need help or happy to pay for repair please

    fixed THANK YOU as I said I had tried flipping the holder but did not know the lens could be backwards in the holder :bowdown: :thanks::beer:
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    Unfocusable 200mW 520nm kit build, need help or happy to pay for repair please

    oops @jeffreythe00 hard to tell but guess it looks flat while yours in the pic seems curved?
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    Unfocusable 200mW 520nm kit build, need help or happy to pay for repair please

    Sorry about the delayed reply I thought I would get to look into your suggestions friday or earlier... @jeffreythe00 looks exactly like yours in the picture you provided (all the way at the bottom). So based on what you said I think it is backwards. I will see if I can get it out an flip it...
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    Unfocusable 200mW 520nm kit build, need help or happy to pay for repair please

    Hi and thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly try and help. SUMMARY: I am hoping to get help trouble shooting this as I have already tried everything I could think of. Also I am happy to pay someone to repair it if necessary but I do really want to understand / learn what the...
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    X-ray laser captures images of viruses

    dang I was just about to post the same thread!? Giant Virus, Tiny Protein Crystals Show X-ray Laser’s Power and Potential | KurzweilAI I think "pretty interesting" is an understatment, I read a ton of science news articles and this is the coolest one I have read in years. I hope people see...
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    What's Your Favourite Energy Drink?

    Re: What's You're Favourite Energy Drink? coffee unless I have a long drive or am really :tired: then Hayden Panettiere err I mean red bull sugar free, also I will always be a big fan of all the flavors of dew
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    1.9W Jayrob 2D Mag Host

    Thanks DTR excellent tut and pics another great kit by Jay too:beer:
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    Bose-Einstein Condensate Produced in Laser Cavity

    you beat me I was gonna post this too;) "This method may potentially be suitable for designing novel light sources resembling lasers that work in the x-ray range". Bonn physicists create a 'super-photon'
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    Build idea using copper pipe and Rod

    jack it all you want this is good info you guys are putting out :)
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    aerogel is such cool stuff YouTube - Aerogel An Amazing Material my friend did a report on it freshmen year in college chemistry
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    FS: Custom Copper Module - AixiZ Threads

    received the one I ordered, excited about using it, thanks Jayrob!
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    FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod - 31% Increase vs AixiZ!

    got the one I ordered thanks Jayrob beautiful work
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    FS: Maglite 2 C Modification Kit! - 2 X 26500/FlexModP3!

    Another awesome kit Jayrob, The other thing I like about the FlexModP3 is that because of its range it is pretty future proof too
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    Camera Laser Goggles (idea)

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    Arctic Galaxy beamshot

    :kewlpics: thx for sharing
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    XJ-A150 News

    :thanks: to DTR & all the people who chipped in, I was not on much over the last few days and just saw this thread
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    A message from our company

    reasonable fake or not I don't like how they said "you people" so many times or the overall tone of it
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    Build idea using copper pipe and Rod

    yeah its going to be a 445 build. I found and might try this stuff to protect it: http://www.permalac.com/ "PERMALAC is an air-dry lacquer, engineered to provide highly durable exterior protection on steel, aluminum, copper,....UV and corrosion inhibitors to PERMALAC assures endurance in harsh...