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    Small pt-54 flashlight

    Got a pt-54 from Flaminpyro some months ago (Thanks a lot! :D) Been playing with this beast for a while, but I was saving it for a custom flashlight, I wanted the smallest 18650 host I could find, I ordered this little fellow and started working on the project as soon as I received it. The...
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    405nm pointer meets Spectrometer

    Hello there. I recently got access to some of my campus' laser instruments for a second time. The first time I could, I brought my 445 build to measure its power, but it LED'ed on me that same day, it was a little embarrassing :( This time I went with my DX 405nm pointer link and a LOC diode...
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    DX SD-303 200mW Review

    THIS REVIEW IS NOT COMPLETE, I'LL POST MEASUREMENTS AS WELL AS SOME BEAM COMPARISONS AS SOON AS I CAN I've bought 3 lasers from DX, a red dilda, which I sold to a friend a long time ago, a 30mW "True" Green, and a 100mW 405nm one, I still have those 2 and I think they're good lasers for the...
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    Custom 445 Build

    10/22/2010 EDIT: NEW VIDEO AND PAINTJOB See below :D Hello there. I've been silently browsing the forum for some weeks. Some time ago I stumbled upon the 445 diodes and since that moment I wanted to build a laser right away. I have been browsing and seeking every piece of information I could...