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    265nm lasers for SARS-CoV-2

    I've been wondering if perhaps there should be arrays of "cancer ray" lasers fitted to drones for low risk sterilisation of commonly touched surfaces. It's just a seed of a thought in my mind and I have no way at all to try this myself but figured it was worth a discussion on here to guage the...
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    driver solutions for casio A141 array as etcher/cutterer

    Hi, I've checked through search but I'm afraid my knowledge base is seriously lacking when it comes to driving methods for A/M140 diodes. I have the array from an XJ-A141 projector which has 6x A140 diodes and 18x M140 diodes in 4 series circuits of 6 diodes each. My maths is atrocious but I'm...
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    Casio XJ-A141 should I repair or repurpose?

    Hi Guys, this is my first post after the intro post and it's concerning a Casio projector I had to buy because cheap! I know a lot of this range have a ~40w 24 diode unit in them but can't seem to find any info on the one in this particular model. My thinking here is that I either repair the...
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    hi guys!

    I just got access to my old email account and can't remember if I introduced myself or not. My name is Bob (the Eddie Hitler was a character from a sitcom, I am NOT a nazi!), I've always had a less than academic interest in physics but am fascinated by all things EM. Since I discovered TEA air...