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  1. Monco

    FS: 400mW 8x BluRay in Pocket Mini Host

  2. Monco

    Safety Shades 405,532,660?

    are there any shades that can filter 405nm 532nm and 660nm wavelengths (more wavelengths are okay) OD 3.0+ that are shades and not goggles? :[[ i've been looking but all i can find so far are lab-type goggles
  3. Monco

    Buy Avery a B-Day Gift With the Extra Raffle Money?

    Should we buy Avery an awesome B-day gift with the extra raffle money? :D I think we should!!! What do YOU think?
  4. Monco

    New Member From Placentia California (Orange County)

    Hi, I'm new here :D My name is Morgan. I became interested in lasers around the age of 12 (6th grade) when my teacher showed the class a laser that you could see during the day and it etched into leather :D this excited me :D I got my first laser (5mw keychain) from my dad. He tried to get me...
  5. Monco

    SOLD 125mW 532nm WL Executive (Original)

    SOLD!!! :) to a new caring gentleman in Pasadena