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  1. jakeGT

    For sale- LPM, drivers, lenses, copper modules and more!

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on the forums in a while because I have been busy with life and have had little time for lasers. I am selling almost all my stuff I have just sitting around collecting dust. I have my personal lasers which I love, know the powers of, and will keep forever. I don't...
  2. jakeGT

    FS: 1.4W 445 Blacked Out C6

    For Sale is a 1.4W 445 All black C6. Price- $130 shipped. Includes- Holster and 2x 18350 batteries. Specs---------- Power Output- 1,484mW Max, ~1.4W Avg Diode- M140 Driver- survival lasers buck driver drawing 1.26A from the tail Lens- Aixiz 3-element Batteries- 2 x Ultrafire 18350 1200mAh...
  3. jakeGT

    FS: A few drivers, modules, hosts, & phlatlight

    I have for sale a few extra items I have accumulated and have no immediate use for. FOR SALE---------------------------------------------------------------- 1x Coleman Max host with heatsink ( If you need the plastic pill let me know I'll have to look for it $15 1x Jayrob Chrome Pen host kit...
  4. jakeGT

    Anybody seen the Madness Combat series?

    This is something I used to watch when I was younger. I loved these little movies, and they've made many more since I've watched them. Here is the original Link: Madness combat 1 - YouTube And my favorite one, "Madness Combat 4 Apotheosis" Link: Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis - YouTube...
  5. jakeGT

    FS: 350mW+ 635nm Guidesman $125 SHIPPED!

    FOR SALE 1.6W+ 445nm Guidesman +350mW+ 638nm Guidesman Hello everyone! Today I have for sale the "Dual Guidesmen" Up first is the Red 638nm Guidesman. PRICE- $125 SHIPPED. That includes a small flat rate shipping box and pay pal fee's inside the U.S. BATTERY IS INCLUDED Diode-...
  6. jakeGT


    Anyone buy from them? I bought about 4 batteries from them, one being their 25500 li-ion. [$8.85]UltraFire BRC 25500 3000mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery All other batteries arrived fine but this one arrived deader than a doornail. I sent multiple emails about the defective battery with no reply's. So...
  7. jakeGT

    Best company out there.

    Jetlasers. They are awesome. First things first I got a PL-D 532nm 250mW from Len (hak) in the Jetlasers GB6. It was awesome and I loved it. Had a lot of trouble with the smart switch at first but it became easy. Anywho a month or so ago I posted it for sale, and when I got home after posting...
  8. jakeGT

    Firefox "Collusion"

    Have you guys seen this? Pretty cool. It's crazy how many websites watch where you go and track your browsing history. Mozilla's Big Plans for Tracking Who Tracks You Online - Businessweek Anybody know how to screenshot your computer? I'd post the results of what sites watch you just from...
  9. jakeGT

    FS Laserglow Rigel 2

    I have a Laserglow Rigel 2 (593.5nm). Mint condition, less than 1 hour use on it. 4.2mW peak as tested by Laserglow. Will post pictures after class, but just wanted to post this on here and tell people to make me n offer. No set price, like I said, make me an offer!
  10. jakeGT

    FS jet lasers pl-d 250

    I have a jet lasers pl-d 250 or sale. I got it from Len in the jet lasers group buy #6. It has less than a half hour of run time on it, still in perfect condition. Len said it metered at 325mw (peak) , I do not have an LPM anymore so I cannot confirm this sorry. I'll post pics later today...
  11. jakeGT

    Laserglow Rigel 2

    A formal review forthcoming very soon, but for now just a few iPhone pics of my first "golden" wavelength. 593.5 is GOLD, I would call it gold orange if anything. Like I said, more to come, but with some matches, glycerine(lazeerer style) I have an awesome golden veam, and I could not be happier...
  12. jakeGT

    FS- Random Laser Odds and ends

    I have for sale a few things that need to go to. 1. Custom eghemus host, designed by me. I sent him a paint drawing and he whipped me up a custom host to my specs. It is built to PERFECTLY fit a 26650 battery. I paid $85 shipped for it, and it is 110% exactly like it was when I bought it. No...
  13. jakeGT

    589nm Group Buy FEELER

    Okay everybody, check it out. I want a 589 INCREDIBLY badly. I would like to get it as cheap as possible since I am not made out of cash at the moment. This is just me starting a thread to see if I can get any interest to actually have one of these go through. I am not talking a huge order, but...
  14. jakeGT

    For sale 1.7W 445!

    ITS ALL SOLD First is a 1.7W 445. The host is a Solarforce L2X . The heatsink/ module was built by Mohrenberg. It uses a 1.8A jib drive. It uses 2x18650's. It does 1.7W with an aixiz 405/445 glass lens. If you use a 405-g-1 You should be able to hit AROUND 1.9W. IT DOES NOT COME WITH A 405-g-1...
  15. jakeGT

    Attention retards

    To all of those who are or aren't reading this, I would like to personally say.... IF YOU SHINE A LASER AT A PERSON, LIVING THING, PLANE, CAR, ETC..... YOU ARE RETARDED. I hope you fall off of a cliff and die a horrible death. You are the reason the gene pool is becoming shallower every day...
  16. jakeGT

    Making 3xAAA holder a 2xAAA holder ?

    Sorry. Trust me I searched so don't flame mW like an @$$hole. I probably searched with the wrong words or dont know what to call it but I can't figure it out. I just want to take a 3xAAA holder and make it accept 2x10440's for a jib driver Thanks for any help!
  17. jakeGT

    For sale or trade- Compaq CPU, HP All in One printer, and etc..

    So I have been helping my dad move offices and he has a few things he was gonna throw away, so I said I will take them and see if anybody on here wants them. Compag Presario SR1917CL, this is just the Tower, it has windows xp. It is only 2 or 3 years old, and it has just really slowed down, so...
  18. jakeGT

    For Sale 1.3W 445 Guidesman $140 Shipped

    ASKING PRICE IS $140 SHIPPED. For sale is another 1.3W guidesman. This is the 5th one of these guidesman's I have sold. This uses a jib 1.3A linear driver, heatsinked, which is actually giving out about 1.4A. The driver IS heatsinked, so the driver won't overheat, and you can do long duty...
  19. jakeGT

    400mW direct driven LPC-815

    Direct driven lpc-815 I bought from laser_freak. Using an aixiz glass lens, and an 18650 battery. in the video it shows a 392mW peak, but I've seen 410mW with this. The videos crappy because I had to hold the laser in the heatsink to hit the thermopile surface, and hold my safety goggles on...
  20. jakeGT

    Direct driving a diode?

    So I harvested my first lpc-815 sled today, it cost me 5 bucks. So I thought, what the hell, lets be stupid. So I pressed it in an aixiz module(first time too BTW), and soldered some leads. Threw it in a heatsink, and grabbed an 18650, and pressed the leads to the battery terminals. WOW what a...