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  1. Guyfromhe

    1,000 Posts!

    Woohoo! I hit 1,000 posts! I guess I get the password to the vetran section now :p and a gold star?
  2. Guyfromhe

    GB Feeler: Reke 500RGB - ILDA/DMX Laser Projector (under $300)

    Hey guys, Lately Dino Direct has been making me look bad because I have been sending people there to buy projectors and they have been screwing people over on shipping, sending random units and sending items which were not as advertised. I just started an e-mail thread with Reke directly about...
  3. Guyfromhe

    FS: Sound card DAC

    I have a sound card DAC (ILDA) from 300Evil.. The unit is completely assembled by 300Evil himself and in good working order and relatively new. It works great with Spaghetti (and probably would still be using it) however I had a falling out with the creator and decided to go right to QS rather...
  4. Guyfromhe

    Spaghetti Dead

    I thought this deserved a topic so everyone could see it as not everyone is following the SC DAC thread... Gary has retired Spaghetti and will no longer be selling it or supporting it for reasons unknown. He will not be opening the source or giving it away as freeware and will only conciser...
  5. Guyfromhe

    Review: Focusable 200mW 405nm Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Pen

    This is a review of the Dealextreme Focusable 200mW 405nm Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Pen. Focusable 200mW 405nm Burns Match + Money Detector Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Pen (2*CR2) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme The most important part - My Radiant Shades: This laser is hard to look at...
  6. Guyfromhe

    First Spaghetti Show!!!

    Hey guys I just finished my first Spaghetti show... I think I did a half decent job for a first timer (both with arranging and with tracing in Inkscape) If anyone wants to check it out it's on the PL Ftp site in: /public_NOTSAFE/Guyfromhe/Spaghetti Shows/DDR - Butterfly I'd love to hear...
  7. Guyfromhe

    SOLVED: Audio DAC problems

    Hi all, I got my audio DAC sort of working... I have tried Laserboy, LFI and Spaghetti they all do weird things... I have tried setting Windows to 5.1, 7.1 home theater, and 7.1 wide... I have tried 6 and 8 channels on the sound card... I can use the speaker test to trigger red, green and blue...
  8. Guyfromhe

    GONE! Flashlight host to a new home

    I have a flashlight I broke from DX... UniqueFire L2 Cree XPG-R5 320-Lumen LED Flashlight - Black (2*16340/1*18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme The LED fell off the board it was attached to and I managed to wreck it.. Anyway the clicky still works, and everything is in good shape... If...
  9. Guyfromhe

    Review: 200mW 532nm Green Laser Pen DX

    This is a review of the Dealextreme 200 mW pen style green laser. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/200mw-532nm-green-laser-pen-2-aaa-47214 The most important part - My Radiant Shades: This laser is hard to look at inside without laser goggles and is probably bad for your eyes to boot. GET LASER...
  10. Guyfromhe

    Final Destintation 5 - Laser scene WTF

    I just finished watching the new Final Destination movie and it was pretty funny and far fetched as usual.. The laser eye surgery scene they were making so much hype about had me interested to see what happened... If you plan on seeing it you might want to stop reading - I have tried to not give...
  11. Guyfromhe

    Guts of a laser projector

    Hey guys I looked inside my RGB and I was wondering about 2 things I couldn't tell what they do... Are the two round unlabeled modules both red? The other two are tagged with wavelength as the Blue and Green diodes. Is there any good reason for them to have put in 2 modules instead of 1...
  12. Guyfromhe

    Review: Reke 500RGB (laserius projectorus-cheapus)

    Reke 500RGB Stage Show Projector Manufactured by Shenzen Reke Laser Technology Co., Ltd Update: Lasersman has these units on for $210 with FREE SHIPPING! Don't forget to use coupon code christmas2011 to get this deal. WARNING: Dino is selling a different projector called the "RGB-500" which...
  13. Guyfromhe

    Reke 500RGB

    Hey guys I just got my Reke 500 RGB from Dino and I just did a quick 30 second test run of it under my desk at work and it looks cool. It has an ILDA interface and is super cheap (about $200 + shipping). Very low end stuff (manual claims 10k galvos may be even slower) and TTL RGB but I think...
  14. Guyfromhe

    Review of the DX HRS002G Laser Projector

    What is it? The DX HRS002G is a laser projector designed to generate kaleidoscopic effects and patterns on your walls as well as create a dynamic beam show with the use of a fog machine. It's base as an aluminum shell with a hanging bracket for your lighting rack and features a 100 mW red and...
  15. Guyfromhe

    Review of the Casa CTL-CM Projector

    Casa CTL-CM RGY Stage Show Projector Manufactured by CASA Electronic Co., Ltd Click Front / Back images for a high res picture. I am currently looking to sell mine because I have purchased a full color projector so if anyone likes what they see check out the B,S,T section :) What is...
  16. Guyfromhe

    FS: Casa laser stage lighting projector

    Click Front / Back images for a high res picture. Hey guys, I just ordered a RGB projector because I couldn't stand that cash burning a hole in my pocket! I just wanted to see if anyone was interested in my old unit as I don't really have space to store all these projectors. It's a Casa...