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  1. J

    LaserBee 2.5 Watt LPM FS

    Lightly used. Comes with everything needed, even have the original box it was shipped to me in haha. $90 shipped priority mail within the U.S.
  2. J

    Excellent Transaction With Lotus_Darkrose

    Just wanted to say I had an excellent experience purchasing two lasers and a host from Lotus_Darkrose. I sent him the paypal payment last week on Thursday, and I recieved his package on that Saturday! So not only did he give me an excellent deal, he shipped everything immediately with priority...
  3. J

    Wicked lasers spyder III pro 5mw (532nm)

    Came in a nice box, and also included lasershades Very large, heavy and solid feeling laser. AR coated front window. Disassembled, has a safety pin. Size comparison. Uses a 18650 battery. Very tight divergence. It also came with a power graph, it does 9mw. Even though it is very nice...
  4. J

    Matching red and blu-ray coleman max cr2 builds

    Both builds are in coleman max cr2 hosts with aluminum heatsinks from flaminpyro. Red build: LOC diode Rkcstr driver @ 425ma's outputting 250+ mw's Aixiz glass lens $65. Includes 2 rechargeable cr2 batteries. Blu-ray build: PHR diode Rkcstr driver @??? (pot stripped and my multimeter broke)...
  5. J

    WTB: 4.2V CR2 rechargables and charger

    Pm me, will pay through paypal immediately
  6. J

    FS/T: Ray Ban polarized sun glasses

    RB3390 Sunglasses | Official Ray-Ban Site Great condition; no scratches or anything. Any questions feel free to ask! Looking for blu-ray or green lasers or even parts! -Jeff D.
  7. J

    FS charger and assortment of batteries

    Trustfire multi function charger (2) 10440 600mah (2) 14500 900mah (2) rcr123 880mah (1) 18650 sanyo 2400mah Besides the 10440's the batteries are unused. (10440's only charged once) $30 shipped. USA only. I will ship asap. First one to pm saying "ill take them" gets them
  8. J

    Optotronics premium 150mw+ pen 532nm and atlasnova 635nm for sale!

    Hey guys im sad to say I am selling my last and most cherished laser. I love this laser to death, but right now having money to visit my girlfriend is more important. Alright now about the laser: Original box + papers Does 161mw's! Purchased in August Little use(has only been through one pair...
  9. J

    Some hosts and other things for sale/trade

    Hey guys just trying to clear out some unused stuff. Im either looking for cash or I am willing to trade for green lasers of any kind. Just post offers! First of all i have 7 cni style black and gold pen hosts left. All of them for $60 shipped in the U.S. Cree host with heat sink. Takes 1...
  10. J

    Jet Beam rrt-2 raptor flashlight

    Hey guys well im finally getting settled into college(which is why i havent been on much lately) But im trying to sell some of my extra stuff because i really miss my girlfriend:( and want some money to visit her Anyways up for sale is a jet beam rrt-2 raptor flashlight LED...
  11. J

    Cni style pen hosts

    Looking to get rid of a few. Brand new with button included. $14 shipped. PM me if you want to buy multiple ones. Edit: also looking for trades; heatsinks, diodes, sleds, drivers, anything laser related really just offer!
  12. J

    Rayfoss sells sleds?

    Anyone else notice this? they sell ggw, phr, and sf-aw sleds for good prices. ggw for $46! Rayfoss--Product List
  13. J

    FS: Mini-rpl with 100mw sxd module!!

    I am looking to get $100 shipped via usps priority mail. International add $5. Trouble with customs is not my responsibilty. Though i would do my best to get it past. First off let me say this has the nicest beam ive ever seen on a laser. I am sad to see this go because i know i will not...
  14. J

    Jeff's massive room clean out sale!

    Trying to clean my room out before i go to college. All prices are shipped in the US. Trades very welcomed looking for dx 5mw pens and laser components.
  15. J

    FS/T: 300mw pallide host red!

    $70 shipped via usps priority or trade for green lasers(post offers with pics) Built by Darkarmyofone!! Pallide host kit aixiz glass lens flex drive @425ma's LOC diode Uses one 10450 battery If you are looking for a burner, this is your laser. Burns any darker colored objects with ease...
  16. J

    Would there be any interest in assembled blu-ray pens?

    Using a phr diode, flex drive and pen style host that runs on AA's for about $80 shipped. It would be set to 125ma's giving about 100-120mw's of power. Ive been toying with this idea for awhile and i wanted see if anyone would buy them if i started making them. -Jeff D.
  17. J

    Looking for green laser pointers

    Thats right, any power pen style green lasers! Post pics of what you got and the specs. I have money and lasers to trade. edit: also looking of protected 18650 batteries
  18. J

    120mw pocket mini blu-ray

    $90 shipped. Will include 1 cr123a battery. U.S. buyers only. Pocket mini hot option from jayrob set at 125ma's. Should be outputting about 100-120mw's. Phr diode. This thing burns great and has a nice purple beam visible in the night sky. (on the far left) PM if interested.
  19. J

    150mw rayfoss green

    $80 bucks. Includes battery and charger. U.S. Buyers only. Laser beam visible in lit room and very bright at night. Works underwater. (its the grey one) (in the pool) Feel free to ask any questions. Pm me if your interested. -Jeff D.
  20. J

    Rayfoss <150mw vs Mini-rpl 100mw sxd module

    The hosts: Rayfoss: Solid and heavy:yh: Waterproof:yh: Reverse clicky switch:yh: Extra lens hard to keep clean:yabbem: Sticker fell off:yabbem: Mini-RPl: Heavy and sturdy:yh: Momentary switch:yh: Good Heatsinking:yh: Both hosts use 1 cr123 battery. The Rayfoss host is nicer in my opinion...