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  1. Aardvark777

    I've moved to Imgur... testing an image post.

    I just created an Imgur account, so this is a trial to see how it goes and to confirm that everyone can see my images? See what size you all prefer? Thank you all for the feedback and help. I may go mad and start a Flickr account to run along side my Photobucket and Imgur. Hoping to upload...
  2. Aardvark777

    Guess who's back... back again?

    It's me, I have been away for a long time now. I stopped playing sports, and stopped going out at night taking photos for a while (Though I managed a few) Work was madness and my life was too busy to remain organised. Plus I don't own a computer currently... though I now have access to one for...
  3. Aardvark777

    Sanwu Pocket 650nm

    Hey everyone! Guess who's back, back again? :yh: Well I meant to post sooner but life has been very busy lately. My apologies. I spoke to Podo a while ago, he gave great advice, and I subsequently ordered a Sanwu Pocket 650nm running at 250mW with a G2 lens at a very fair price with an LPF...
  4. Aardvark777

    Beamshots in one of my favourite spots!

    I've been meaning to get back out and take some more shots. So here are a few of my existing lasers to keep you all tided over until my batteries arrive for my new Sanwu pocket :angel: This is just a random LE of a tree with some mistletoe left hanging there. You can see Pleiades through the...
  5. Aardvark777

    Best photo sharing site using BBcode

    I'm looking for the best way to share photos on here. I'm looking to get back into posting my beamshots. Currently I upload them to my albums on LPF and use the BBcode to slap them into a thread... however. I've seen my resolution is poor compared to the original image on my HDD. I've seen other...
  6. Aardvark777

    Blue Beamshot Compilation

    Here are some of my Blue beam pics so far, I did a similar compilation for my Greenies, so now it's time for Blue 447 and 445nm beam pictures! 7W Arcane 2.0 445nm 7W Arcane 2.0 445nm again. DL Spartan 1.6W 447nm. Arcane 2.0 7W. 100mW 532nm next to my 1.6W 447nm. A few of my DL Spartan...
  7. Aardvark777

    DL Spartan 1.6W 447nm Weir Photos

    I was out one day and found by chance a small parish church near to me, hidden in a quiet village. It occurred to me that I could hear rushing water. After walking through the graveyard it was apparent that there was a large expanse of water behind the church. There are a few bridges, a large...
  8. Aardvark777

    My greenie beamshots so far!

    Going to post up a few green beams for the sake of green beam glory as it's a cold day and I'm not at work :beer: I'm going to be taking a whole load more new pics soon, so I'm posting a compilation for now :beer: 532nm 100mW in a forest church tower 532nm 100mW river reflection 532nm...
  9. Aardvark777

    Glastonbury Tor with my 1.3W 520nm

    Well the Tor is a lovely place to be, so I decided to take a couple of quick shots with the new 1.3W 520nm up there :eg: 520nm light looks lovely. Exposures were 15 seconds, ISO 2000, F2.2. Taken on a Nikon D90 with my Samyang F1.4 24mm lens. :thanks:
  10. Aardvark777

    RDTech SH-032, 1.3W 520nm

    So, where to begin?! I asked RDTech to supply me with a high power Greenie and he replied very promptly to my mail. Within a month or so he had built the laser, and sent it. I was in no rush, but it got here only a few days after he'd sent it. First impressions of the Aurora SH-032 host are...
  11. Aardvark777

    Japanese car thread

    Calling all Jap whip owners!! Please post a pic of your ride :D before there's any hate... classics and muscle cars are awesome, I'll never dis them and I appreciate them, but I'm a high revving Jap engine tuner fan. No idea if we have a thread for our rides already but hey? Feel free to post...
  12. Aardvark777

    Sci Fi Lasers 7 Watt 445nm Arcane 2.0

    Review time! :yh: So here's my review of the 445nm, 7 Watt, Arcane 2.0 by Sci Fi Lasers. Arrival and assembly After some deliberation I decided something more powerful with more class was required in my collection. So I looked into this laser, the Arcane 2.0 is the refined, improved version...
  13. Aardvark777

    Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

    Here are my shots, also a cheeky shot of the Orion Nebula which just happened to present itself over a rooftop near me at around 4AM, sadly it wasn't tracked, just taken on a regular tripod over a 4 second exposure, so it's not the best, but I've thrown it in for good measure :beer: Here you...
  14. Aardvark777

    Firing 8 lasers at once. Photos.

    So yea, I was in the mood for concentrated light. After a grueling 10 hr shift I decided I'd go for it and had a coffee before heading into the garden. I have roughly 14 tripods now, of varying types. A lot are for lasers :crackup: I'm mad, what can I say?! So I set up a few and here are the...
  15. Aardvark777

    Various beam pictures

    Well there's a makeshift church in a forest near me, it doesn't see any use in the conventional sense. I know the man who owns it, and he let me wander up there late at night with some lasers. These are the resulting pictures :evil: 532nm 100mW 650nm 100mW & 532nm 100mW Unfocused 1W 405nm...
  16. Aardvark777

    Beautiful Beamshots

    Taken on a Nikon D90 using my Samyang 24mm. 100mW of 650nm 100mW of 532nm God like 7W 445nm Hope you enjoyed the beamshots! More soon :thanks:
  17. Aardvark777

    7 Watt hand held beam shot picture.

    So... I purchased an Arcane 2.0 from Sci Fi Lasers. This may just be the most powerful single diode hand held laser in the world. The review is to come shortly with more pictures and stats. Last night I took it out to a quiet place I know on a moor. 7 Watts of 445nm rage. The heat produced is...
  18. Aardvark777

    New Camera Lens beam shot test

    Well I enjoy photography, and decided my 18mm - 105mm F3.5 lens wasn't cutting the mustard at night, and I wanted something fast and wide angle. So I bought a Samyang (Rokinon) 24mm, F1.4 manual lens. Here are a few test shots from last night. Camera is a Nikon D90. The laser is a cheap and...
  19. Aardvark777


    I'm a fan of Astrophotography and figured it would be enjoyable to have a thread where we could post our images and discuss them. So here are a few of my shots to date, I'm fairly new to the concept, but enjoy it. Milky Way Orion and Pleiades Orion with it's Nebula The Orion...
  20. Aardvark777

    Video of lasers in fog

    Some lasers this morning at 0430. Favourite being my 1W 405nm from Sci Fi. Shows up very pink/violet in fog. Far more impressive in person. watch?v=ycZaPM-CYs8 Thought I would show you guys/gals. :thanks: