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  1. beamjunkie7

    Will this Damage my Sanwu Pocket Laser?

    Hey Everyone -- I was wondering if anyone who knows more about the diodes and drivers used in the Sanwu Pocket lasers (specifically the 200mw 405nm model) could tell me whether or not I would damage the diode by running the laser on a 1.5V AAA instead of the prescribed 3.7V 10440 battery. The...
  2. beamjunkie7

    750mw+ HL445 LaserBtb came!

    Hey everyone finally after a month or more I have received my powerful laser. It is a 750mw HL445nm laser from LaserBtb.com and it is fantastic! I am using two 16340 batteries from AW ICR. I received these batteries around 2 weeks or more ago and haven't charged them because the charger came...
  3. beamjunkie7

    3.0mw vs 5.0mw

    Hey so I am shopping LaserGlow right now for a good 5mw green laser. The Anser is exactly what I need, but at the risk of sounding spoiled, I've been reading that it doesn't actually output 5mw but more like 3-4 and that worries me. Spending that much on a 5mw laser, I would like it to actually...
  4. beamjunkie7

    Batteries for this laser? Laserbtb 750mw HL

    Hey everyone, So I just purchased a 750mw 445nm "handheld" laser from laserbtb (model HL445 - 750) and I am totally confused as to what batteries to buy for it. Here is the link to the laser I purchased: HL 405,445,450nm According to the site, it requires 2x 16340 size batteries, but when I...
  5. beamjunkie7

    Just some quick questions

    Hey everyone, been lurking here for a while as I am in the market for a new green astronomy laser. This is something that I plan on carrying around with me in my pocket, so my biggest concerns are durability, size, and of course, the ability to see the beam at night (hence my username lol)...
  6. beamjunkie7

    Noob needs suggestions as usual

    Hey guys I just joined after doing a bunch of research on lasers. I have owned several green ones before, from 5-30mw, and from both expensive places and dealextreme. My knowledge is limited, however, when it comes to burning lasers. I wish to purchase a cheap burning laser, 50-150 dollars, and...